Bot Intel Report - Shockwave

One of the most feared and powerful of all Decepticons is on his way! Check out everything you need to know about Shockwave in his intel report here:


  • OtriumOtrium Posts: 91
    When's the announcement for the shockwave and ramjet event quest coming? Cause there was a video I made that leaked shockwaves and ramjets abilities here's the link: by the way is this against your terms of service? I mean I'm only leaking info that is in YOUR game files and in marvel contest of champions mcoc trucos does this the same. If you want the video taken down pls tell me! By the way when are masteries coming? Im excited for double edge because it's referenced in the game files and I love ramjets abilities:) pls respond asap if you want the vid taken down
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 222
    have a question as it description says shockwave can absorb energy attack so when absorbing them will any reduction will be on damage from that attack he received or it just absorb them damage will not reduct while blocking
  • OtriumOtrium Posts: 91
    It's only a reduction in damage I believe :)
  • OtriumOtrium Posts: 91
    Oh yeah by the way guys this video is legit and true because if you look at the published date it is on the 23rd of July and shockwave got released early as a 2 star on the 26th July and his bio and abilities are the exact same! So this video is legit
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