Hey guys, I think it's cool that the game would add some new mods, and give another chance to get them instead from crystals, shards, and arena


  • One of my idea: Voltage Regulator. A mod that can reduce the enemies Energy Attacks, and temporary inflict Shock on the enemy
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,237
    My idea: EMP disruptor

    Effect: Your bot's power is drained every time they take damage from any attack
    Signature abillity: Permanent shock: Your bot's power is drained by X% every second, for the whole battle
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,946
    Gravity well:

    Has x% chance to steal an opponent buff for every successful melee hit.

    Signature ability: Singularity

    Stolen buffs last 3x longer than normal.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068

    Has a xx% chance to Inflict burn on critical melee/ranged attacks, dealing xx% damage for xx seconds.

    Sig: inferno. Burning effects can be stacked and last longer.
  • Power Streak
    Abilities: Power Gain 1
    Combo Shield 1

    -Gain a X% of a Power Bar at every 5 hits
    -Every combo your bot have can't be struck
    Perfect for Drift or Arcee
  • Thanks for the suggestions, and keep them coming!
  • My other idea: Randomization Module
    Ability: Random Debuff 1
    Signature Ability: Random Buff 1

    -Ability: Your defender has a X% chance to inflict random a random debuffs on opponent from hits, each debuffs last X seconds.
    -Signature ability: Your defender has a X% chance to gain a random buffs when struck by an attack.
  • Block Piercer
    Ability: Unblockable 1
    Your defender gain has Unblockable melee attacks every X seconds
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 1,237
    edited August 2017
    Dark Energon field:

    Both fighters suffer X% of their health as direct damage over 60 seconds, if this effect expires, another damage over time effect will replace it, with double damage

    Signature abillity:
    The dark energon corrupts the bots even further, making them more aggressive. Each dark energon debuff increases both bots' attack rating, offensive power gain and abillity accuracy by X%, based on how high the damage caused by dark energon is

    Edit: This mod is only for event quests or expert tier bases or it might ruin the game
  • Nice Idea @Gunz0 !
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