Call me stupid. I think i found a answer to Ratchet

Here it is folks its simple. Sp2 animation during his shockwave should give a stun to opponent. Thats it. Simple.


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    So how does adding stun to him fix fact he has lowest dmg output in game ?
  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 281
    I guess I dont understand the point? When Ratchet is casting his sp2, if you try and charge him or even if you are standing next to him blocking, the shockwave that bursts from under him pushes you back and knocks you down. What would making the opponent bot stunned during the sp2 do to make Ratchet any better?
  • It would give ratchet a window to add damage to opponent thus bridging his low damage output a little
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068
    edited August 2017
    That's far less enough to make him even useful. His S1 already has possible stun, if not as high as IH's. The best thing you can get, if what you said is implemented, is something like this:
    * Save to 2 and a half bar
    * land your S2, enemy stunned
    * double tap and dash in with a 5-combo, cancel into another S1, if you're lucky in the 40%, enemy is stunned again
    * dash in with a 5-combo.

    See? That's quite a bit of setup and requires at least some luck. That's not what makes Ratchet. Endurance with his self-diagnosis at any lifebar is.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 616
    it's a start, but certainly not the only thing that should be added to Ratchet. He's just terrible now.

    I think I even saw him lose a fight to an Ironhide ranked like 500 points lower than him while I had it on arena auto-fight today at work.
  • VirtBeeVirtBee Posts: 11
    The Ai luckily doesn't play Ratchet the best. He is a strong bot and has the advantage during a long fight. Time restriction is the only thing that can beat a well trained Ratchet
  • not true VirtBee - any bot with a high output SP2 or SP3 wipes the floor with ratchet as you can one-shot him from 3/4 health. You can still beat bots with him (although it gets very hard to do so at higher AM levels with the tight time limit coupled with the 60+second freezes that happen most fights to me), but make even a tiny mistake to allow someone to trigger a special and it's all over in 1 hit.

    I think the fix for Ratchet is to go back to how he was, but cut down his heal to 3/4 of what it was so he can still heal to max but it takes longer. It would add his unique element back into the game (and make him worthwhile in AM again alongside other bots), but stop him walking through people's bases without taking any damage as his heal would be lower than HA damage etc.

    Now Kabam won't do that as it has the potential to reduce the number of people buying revives and heals. They'll just keep spouting that he is still standing up well alongside other bots despite the fact we all know it's not true - you only have to watch him get creamed in the arena against any other bot, even those he is supposedly more powerful than. I used to see raids attacking my base with him all the time - haven't seen a single one since v2, and very few still use him in AM either.

    It's only a matter of time before Mirage loses his ability to avoid damage during his heavy as that's now the preferred way of taking out bots without taking damage - and that hits profits...
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