Raid's timer countdown

Not really a bug, but raid timer keeps on running in the background while the fight is loading. This is not really a problem if the fight and the base map of opponent loads quickly but on my phone, it usually takes a lot of time.
As a result of this, the bottleneck for a successful raid is how many times I load a fight and how quickly I dispose off the opponent bot. This really frustrates me and I try to avoid raids as much as possible.

Suggestion: pause the timer when the game is showing "loading screen" before and after a fight.


  • I'd agree - and add that the timer should also pause during freezes in fights too (in both raids and AM fights).

    It's really frustrating (and very unfair) for a game freeze to result in loss of a bot or loss of a raid when the players hasn't done anything wrong.
  • Also in AMs, the 1-minute time slot to select the bot to fight is too short. If I don't select the bot as soon as it is displayed, I won't be able to enter the fight. If it takes more than 1-minute to load a fight, AMs will be rendered useless.
    But I like the fact that, once the fight is loaded, it won't lag anymore. Kudos to the game team for it!
  • I agree that timers should pause during loading. Generally, after a patch, I get super long load times for a day or two (probably just the game loading/caching the new files). I don't mind waiting, but I do mind having my finite raid attempts stolen by the timer running while the game loads. Wait 5 min before base I'm attacking even loads. Engage the first bot, trapped in loading again. 5 min later, I can finally fight that bot, but I've lost 10/15 min just waiting on load screens, and the first battle has only just started. Engage 2nd bot, super long load screen again. Then after it loads, game says I ran out of time, raid failed. That's a very unfair unavoidable loss of raid attempt.
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