What happened to my Shockwave?

I bought a Shockwave Crystal when I spined my Crystal finally stoped on 2*Shockwave I was happy when I collected it, it gave me 2*Ratchet I was mad as hell >:( I want my 2*Shockwave


    Kabam can u give me my 2*Shockwave back plz can u give it back to me on the game plz Kabam my user is A XBOXEAPER
    Kabam this is not a Spam or a lie.Just today When I'd opened my Shockwave Crystal it stopped directly on 2*Shockwave when I tap on it to claim it, it only gave me a 2*ratchet I still didn't get my 2*Shockwave (I STILL WANT MY 2*SHOCKWAVE) KABAM !!!!!!!!!! Plz can I get my 2*Shockwave back right now plz
    I'm telling you the truth it happened to me today :'(
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 754
    The animation the images all of it is just to tease you just because it stops on bot doesn't mean you will get that bot the second u place the crystal, bot is already decided. You can send support ticket but there is visual glitch sometimes doesn't show the correct bot that was pulled
  • SirBoltsSirBolts Posts: 38
    I had a similar issue awhile back.

    I open an Enraged crystal and it landed on a 3* Soundwave my game then crashed and I found out what I actually got was a 3* Motormaster.

    You can send a ticket to the support team but its unlikely that they will actually resolve this issue in the way you want them to do.
  • It's all based on the time you stop the crystal from spinning, random choice.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 754
    It's all based on the time you stop the crystal from spinning, random choice.

    This is false kabam support will confirm once crystal is placed reward will be same whether u stop immediately or let spin or anywhere in between
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