Selling T2B Sparks for T3B Essence

Any plans to update it so you can get T3 basic essence when you sell T2 basic sparks? In the same manner you get T2 basic essence for selling T1 basic sparks.


  • This needs to happen Kabam.
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 153
    Down_Under wrote: »
    This needs to happen Kabam.

    I second that.
  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    I can give you an short answer to that: Yes there is a plan.

    As you can see in the past Kabam has a pretty strict plan on when what ressource becomes available. It's not the time of the 4* yet, you can see that because of the lack of content that is geared towards them.

    For T3B it's still whale milking time. So be paitient.
  • i'd expect a few more "deals" to buy T3b essence in before there is an easier free method to get the crystals. The current special should give most players one though (depending on how long they've been playing and if they finished the previous special too)
  • JKLJKL Posts: 326
    I guess I didn't need to request it since it was part of this update. Awesome!
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