Which Transformers Prime character would you like to see?

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Which Transformers Prime character would you like to see? 78 votes

Optimus Prime
15% 12 votes
8% 7 votes
8% 7 votes
17% 14 votes
2% 2 votes
19% 15 votes
20% 16 votes
Ultra Magnus
6% 5 votes


  • No option for Galvatron? :disappointed:
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 222
    No option for Galvatron? :disappointed:

    Lol cause he is not from transformer prime series.
  • Spidey076 wrote: »
    Lol cause he is not from transformer prime series.

    True! I just meant the rebuilt Megatron after he was resurrected by Unicron.
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 311
    All are in game except bulkhead cliff jumper and smoke screen
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 222
    Hmm then his name should be unitron.but i really want to see rebuilt optimus in tf prime beast hunter.he is really a very strong character with galting gun and wings.hoping he will make appearance.
  • Besides prime arced is my favorite boy in that series
  • *arcee
  • *favorite bot lol
  • Smokescreen or ultra magnus....
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    Where is Knockout on your poll? Starscream?
    Any Deceptions?!

    Amano wrote: »
    All are in game except bulkhead cliff jumper and smoke screen

    Looks like he's asking specifically for the Prime versions of these characters. None of which are in the game.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,700
    The current Optimus mv1, ratchet and bumblebee are essentially TF prime characters in the game. The difference between ratchet g1 is negligible, as is mv1 and bee vs TFP.

    Bulkhead would be cool, but cliffjumper is essentially sideswipe, unless they use the g1 version
  • Megan Fox
  • where is predaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,700
    From transformers prime, I would love to see WHEELJACK the most, followed closely by BREAKDOWN
  • Soundwave
  • SunburnerSunburner Posts: 11
    Wheeljack would be cool, or in the RID 2015 sequel series maybe drift? I really want to see a version of thundercracker either from the iDW comics or from some other version.
  • GameBoxGameBox Posts: 12
    I would like new Megatron(Transformers Last Knight).Also i like to see 'Fallen',which he might be a lot intresting character to the game.Another characters are;-
  • BumblebeeBumblebee Posts: 267
    Bumblebee for sure! Knock Out would also be an excellent addition :smile:. Although, I'd love for some Generation 1 love, however, that Combiner Wars Optimus Prime does look fairly nice.
  • Not a fan of the recent IDW stuff myself tbh, but I'd love me a Tarn and an Autobot Megatron! Sadly we never see the latter transform in the comics... :'(
  • I would like to see the original Megatron that transformed into a gun!
    It wouldn't be very hard to make different versions available for downloading based off age group ratings!
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 914
    No Soundwave? [Insert sad violin sound]
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 153
    They should drop in new bots in groups, not just one at a time. For example, 1 from classic 1980s, one from beast wars, one from the movies, etc. I've already got soundwave, which is my favorite of all time. Would love to see the first megatron, and starscream from the movies.
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 222
    One and only reformed optimus prime with His galting gun and wing truly beast.
  • Predaking (Transformers Prime Beast Hunters), definetly. He's great.
  • OP7842OP7842 Posts: 31
    Airachnid would make an awesome addition to the game.
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