Ratchet broken?

When I use the alt form, it says Ratchet is supposed to self Repair, yet when I do, nothing happens and I die fast because of his lower health pool. Is it just me, it is it occurring elsewhere?


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Only works below half health
  • JKLJKL Posts: 311
    Yes, Ratchet is quite broken :p
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 438
    They nerfed Ratchet a couple of months ago now and still haven't updated his text to reflect. His self repair and power gain buff only occurs at under 50% health now. He isn't completely worthless but to get his self repair and power gain you gotta play good as usually a S2 or higher will just flat out wipe you out at under 50% life
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,828

    There is nothing wrong with the ability as written, it is described perfectly.
  • Frugalli88Frugalli88 Posts: 121
    Don't get hit after his heavy. It takes a second or two to activate. I alway sidestep right after a heavy to avoid ranges.
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 438
    And so it does. I don't touch Ratchet and never have so I was pulling from memory and for some reason I was thinking an alliance mate a long time ago had said his ability text was off. Oh well. It's still only Ratchet.
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