Regarding Cheats/Hacking, Terms of Service Violations, Use of 3rd Party Software & Account Sharing

In order to create a fair and even playing field for all of our players, the use of 3rd Party Software is strictly prohibited by our Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to, any software installed on your device that alters the characteristics of the game outside of how it is intended to play.

We have a number of tools and parameters in place used to detect any player that uses software to alter the game, and will take actions to ban accounts accordingly. We also spend time to manually investigate suspected incidents of hacking, and reports we receive from our players.

In addition to using third party software to manipulate gameplay, account sharing is also a violation of our Terms of Service. Giving other players access to your account not only tips the balance and fairness of the game, but is also reckless and can result in negative effects for you. The account owner is responsible for their own account’s security, and for any actions taken in their account regardless of who took those actions. Sharing your account in order to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.

Each of these cases are handled differently. While account sharing can still give players an unfair advantage and is not allowed, many players simply do not understand that this is a violation of our ToS. After explaining why this is not allowed, most players will understand why this is unfair to other players. For this reason, we generally opt to give a temporary ban as a warning for account sharing, with a permanent ban being handed down if there is a continued pattern of this behaviour following the warning.

Cheating, hacking, or utilizing 3rd party software is a different story. In this case, players are purposefully using a method to manipulate gameplay in their favor, and therefore, we may opt to permanently ban these accounts. These accounts will not be returned, even if a player was “just testing it once or twice”.

Using software such as Screen Recording apps will not result in your account being banned, as these do not manipulate gameplay.

If you find a new cheat or hack, please report it directly to a forum moderator or to Customer Service, and do not create forum threads on the subject. This allows us to investigate and work to shut these down without seeing their usage become more widespread, and without alerting to those creating the hacks that we are actively in the process from shutting them down. This is the main reason behind our policy to remove threads with links or discussion surrounding cheats and hacks.

Let us be clear - if you hack, cheat, share your account, attempt to sell your account or commit fraud in The Contest, we will find you and remove you from the game in order to protect the game playing experience for our honest and dedicated players. Cheaters are not welcome here.

If you are wondering where to report new hacks or mods you think you've found, or suspicious player activity - you can PM a forum moderator, or contact customer service directly. Posts sharing information on how to hack or cheat the game, as well as accusing other players of cheating will be removed from our forums.
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