Still freezing on load screen and unable to play

Now I’m angry. We keep getting lip service that the powers that be are aware of the bugs and lags and are working on a fix. Well, the new AM has started as well as a new special mission and both are unplayable. This problem is global enough amongst players and has been reported numerous times. To reiterate, yet again...

Upon entering another match in any mission and alliance mission. The screen loads with the transformer icons. Then the fight does not progress into actual battle, but freezes on the load screen while the fight sound effects are playing. It is the required to restart the entire game, after which a severe health penalty has taken place.

This is now unacceptable. These problems have been reported over and over again since the new update. This game is now unplayable. Do something.


  • Hey there, Beerguzzler.

    We understand and we are sorry for the frustration. As you mentioned, however, it has been addressed several times across several threads, so in the interest of organization I'm going to close this topic to avoid over-saturating the discussion.
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