Freeze and Lag During Fights

Game freezes every other battle during fights, this is especially costly or can be at high level AM. Im almost timing out or getting hit with a special after it goes back to normal, was never an issue before @Kabam Miike


  • When did this issue start coming up? Was this after the latest update? Did you also update anything on your device in that time (OS, etc)?
  • Ray94Ray94 Posts: 41
    When did this issue start coming up? Was this after the latest update? Did you also update anything on your device in that time (OS, etc)?

    This morning, other players from my alliance are experiencing the same issue. New update was fine just started happening now.
  • kranderskranders Posts: 318
    Lag is terrible right now. AM fights are sputtering, lagging and missing inputs.
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 222
    @Kabam Miike that's issue also occur on mine after update. game is lagging a lot and freez issue really annoying. when will we going to get a better update?that's truly irritating when it appear during fight.atleast previous update was better then that :/
    My device-redmi note 3
    Os-Android v6.0.1
  • i was happy with only half hp lost considering how bad lag was
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    poor performance on iphone6, lag and freeze during battles.
  • Man its been freezing since i started playing months ago still never fixed but does seem really bad now
  • Having the same problem here, started when I downloaded the latest version on Sept. 30th. Animation is dropping frames, skipping forward, and is just altogether choppy. Using a fairly new iPad, and I never had any issues like this before the update.

    And crashes have become more frequent as well. They had been getting better lately before the update, and now they're as bad as they were a few months ago. After the changes to arena today they seem to have become even more frequent, I'm averaging a crash every other fight.
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    edited October 2017
    yes, definitely feeling an increase in the number of crashes. Can't use my energy, or raid tickets without getting at least one crash each time and when changing areas in the game.

    Feels like I'm spending equal amounts of time between playing the game and reloading the game after a crash.

    Freshly loaded, hadn't even used 30 yet energy and already crash on battle load.
  • LaprasLapras Posts: 212
    Same issue, no device changes.

    iPhone 7 - iOS 10.3.3
  • SmokesalotSmokesalot Posts: 11
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    I've been having problems since the first update. I no longer have the crashing problems r the raid problems but the lag has gotten so bad i cant even play the harder content in the game ( special quest, spotlight quests, high levels of AM) even in arena its bad. . i have sent in tickets, filled out crash/lag reports but still it gets worst and worst every day.
  • This has also been occurring to me during Special and Alliance missions but not very bothersome (started around release of update)
  • I'm getting lag and mini freezes. Feels very cheap taking unavoidable damage because game will not let me act while AI still moves unimpeded. Also noticing an issue where fight ends, my bot is not allowed to move, but projectiles are still moving and do damage to my bot. If you're going to allow attacks to continue after fight ends, at least let me dodge them. I've had bot KO'ed after winning the fight because of this issue.
  • Ray94Ray94 Posts: 41
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Rimehaven @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Valkyrie An update on this would be nice...As you can see theres plenty of players experiencing the same issue.
  • Fought Soundwave in AM today and half the fight was in slow motion. It's like you got the guys from NFL Films to get footage of the fight and play it back for me.
  • "Soundwave moves across the frozen tundra... pummeling Prowl mercilessly... until Prowl is no more..."
  • the lag has been horrible. I am using an iPad Air2 64GB with 2GB of RAM running iOS 11. I have isolated it to either the game causing overheating (my IPad gets super hot when running the game for a while), or memory issues (I am referring to RAM not Internal Storage).

    I did some testing and before i launch Forged to Fight I had about 1GB of free RAM (using a memory stats app). I would begin playing and when i noticed sluggishness, I would switch to the memory stats application again and it had dropped to 70MB of memory. I would force quit to free up memory, then my memory went back up to approx 1GB. I would go back into the game and it was fine again until a few fights later same issue and would have to repeat.

    Apart from the memory issue, i tried addressing the heat issues by playing while holding my iPad in front of my A/C. This seemed to help also and i was able to play longer without running into the lag or freezing (this is the worst, the game will actually freeze for about 10 seconds mid fight before continuing.

    In either case, these issues should hold some kind of priority on the bug fix list. The game is demanding and requires hours of playtime. Because it requires hours of playtime, our devices (especially new devices) should be able to handle it without running out of memory or overheating.
  • Echo_5Echo_5 Posts: 33
    Same issue. Happens in Arena often, but I can’t even fight in Raids. Not even a single fight with out it being all choppy and delayed. So much for earning tier 3 .
    I play with iPad Pro 9.7”; software upto date always.

  • Typically happens to me in AM and Raids as well as Special Missions (every mode Basically) but mostly AM and Raids
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    iPhone6.. I just had some success! I play with sound off (using the hardware button to mute my entire phone), but volume is still up in the game settings. I just turned the music and sfx completely off and I've just had a bunch of battles that were SIGNIFICANTLY better, smooth like I haven't experienced in so long since the first release.

    So I don't know what's happened in the updates but maybe the sound is part of it or it's just the reduced resource load because there's more resources being drained somewhere else?

    It's so much smoother now, like crazy smooth, full frames. It's actually fun to battle again.
  • @Kabam Miike

    Need to add on to this. After this past update I have been getting kicked pre/mid fight from any battle after I play around 5-8 fights in a row. Before this update I never once got kicked out of any fight ever.

    Please have your QA team put a trace on my account and others experiencing this issue. This should be your main concern at the moment. Something in the last update was coded wrong and making this happen.

    I play with an air pad 2 / iphone 8 / iphone 7 and all have the same problems.
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