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I'm stuck with two 4 stars and would love to be able to forge them, trade them, whatever. I've got 4 star Barricade and Bonecrusher. This isn't a complaint-fest about them and I'm sure some people may be thinking I'm ridiculously lucky to get them (ridiculously lucky for me would be 4 star Grimlock and Starscream), but I just have no interest in using them and I'd rather get some use out of them by getting rid of them.

I've made no secret of my general dislike for anything Bayformers--the sole exception being Ironhide--and I have enough other G1/CW bots to keep me happy overall, but I don't even want to spend the ore to level them up enough to put on base defense.

I'm not the only one to think this, am I? Is there even a smidge of support for the idea?

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  • Might as well keep them around for when they eventually release 5 stars. Then maybe they'll help you at least pull something you do want in the future.
  • 4 stars definitely have their uses even if its ones you don't like. A lot of it depends on your playing style. There are a ton of different uses for them. At the very worst let them sit there until you get other 4* of the same class to forge them into. Plus you never know what future synergies may exist between them and a future bot you really like.

    For me:
    Any 4* I get, even if I don't play on using it much, I at least level up to r1 10/10, it really doesn't take that much ore. At the very least I can use them on auto play in the arena, I can usually auto-play them up to the 1.5x or 2x multiplier for more points. I also recently decided to go for more gold verse better base defense, since base defense is a joke anyway. So I have all my base nodes with low level 4* on them, for the extra gold.
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    Like @seeker1321 said, any 4* is worth the upgrade to have about 700+ rating, costing you no more than the usual ore-gold. They can earn you a lot of points for the 6th~9th arena fight. And they farm more gold in these frugal days.
  • Yah, upgrade them anyway, and when they eventually release 5*, then BAM!! lots of forge material right there @Halloweendm
  • Sounds like a good idea all around. I've had my Bonecrusher on base defense, mostly for the gold generation. I guess I could do the same for Barricade, since, yeah, gold seems to be in short supply lately. Thanks for the suggestions, guys.
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