XP lvl 50 .. What next???

Currently at lvl 49 .. but heard from commanders at lvl 50 there is no real bonus to be at the top. I really wish for unlimited Mission Energy until more lvls are added. And with new masteries added how else we are supposed to get more points??


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    Wait for Kabam to gradually unlock the level cap as they have been doing up until now.
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    2nd update without an increase.. but we have seen additions to the game that might require the cap to be unlocked up to 60..
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    I've been harping on this for quite some time now. They've given out Relics that promote leveling faster with extra experience. They introduced in late June, experience boosters to help you level faster as well. It's been level 50 as the max level since the end of June, as I got to level 50 in the first week in July.

    They raised it in June from 40 to 50 because people were asking for it. Hmm...would it work again >:)
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    The level cap doesn’t make your bots stronger and that’s all that counts in difficulty
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    Most likely the level cap will move when they introduce chapter 4, at least, that's white Mike said before, and I think it's what they did in MCOC. Of course, chapter 4 will cost 4 energy per tile, so we'll need the extra energy to get through a full run on one charge.

    Mastery points are meant to be scarce. You're supposed to have to make a strategic choice about which mastery build you want - what strengths you want and which strengths you chose to forego.

    All the XP relics are mostly gonna be helpful to newer players, who will be able to reach lvl50 much faster than players who began in March, for instance (just one of the ways the game is structured to enable 'catch up')

    But yeah, don't expect the level cap to move before ch4 comes out
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    Most ppl like myself have reached lvl 50 when 1st introduced.. also every chapter is durable with a a-team of 4* r3's.. I feel the majority of players have already achieved/ finished all of story mode so far.. waiting at this point only makes the game boring.. especially if, like myself, the player has already finished galvatron special.. a need for expansion becomes a necessity.. just my opinion
  • I especially want to make user of the XPBoost you guys have me for reaching level 50. That would be swell.
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    KingOfPain wrote: »
    I especially want to make user of the XPBoost you guys have me for reaching level 50. That would be swell.

    You get exp boost for reaching 50? :D Nice touch.
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    Mustangjon wrote: »
    The level cap doesn’t make your bots stronger and that’s all that counts in difficulty

    It doesn't? While the rewards given out today aren't viewed as important as they were back in June (Alpha Essence, etc) when the change to 50 was enacted, the rewards given out do in turn still help your bots. Every increase to level 50 gives you one more mastery point, which in turn gives you just one more point to help save your bots (like Courage, Nano-Repair, etc).

    It may not be viewed as important if your roster consists of one 5/5 and 3-4 4/5 bots but leveling is still important nonetheless (not a knock on the vets, just using it as a point).

    Whether they just increase slightly to 55 due to Mastery Points or they put a cap on them, the game came out publicly around the March timeframe? So 4 months later, they increased to cap from 40-50 (no boosters or massive experience relics). It's now 4-5 months later WITH boosters, experience relics (+15% for the T4 Unstable Energon Cube alone)...it's about that time.
  • I still have yet to hit 50. Not even close and I started launch day. Beyond hitting 1 or 2 more nodes on a 3 energy/node mission, hitting 50 means squat.

    Kabam has done a great job of keeping content coming regularly for this game. They've tripped and stumbled a little here and there but otherwise, content is still rolling in.

    As such, it is not rolling in in such a short period of time that people need to be rushing to hit lvl cap. If you rushed to hit the cap, then it is on you and not Kabam.

    Mcoc has taken years in some cases to raise level cap. So guys, if you hit lvl cap, enjoy the added energy, but otherwise, just play the game and keep working on your bots.
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    OVPWR has 3 guys level 50 and rest aren’t even above 45, point being account level has very little to do with this game in building strength or ability to an account.

    We focus on ranking bots getting ranking materials and making our accounts stronger the way it matters.

    Yes I know people are all different in choices but this game isn’t an rpg and level means everything no rush to get to max level, other than some very small amount of resources and very small amount of added energy nothing from leveling makes the account stronger
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    Only reason I put a little effort in leveling is so that my energy refills give me more energy for my energon when doing expert spotlight missions :)

    (I'm only 48 right now, that's how much effort I put in ...)
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