Consistent lag and crashes!!!

This is getting way out of hand already! With EACH and EVERY update you guys publish we ALL experience more lag, freezes AND crashes! No one has received ANY compensation for these issues and the only thing we hear back from you is that "Our developers know about this problem and are working on a fix".

We are all very frustrated and getting tired of constantly having to play through new events and Alliance Missions with these issues. We end up spending way more money/energon to complete these challenges because of YOUR screw ups. We understand all you care about is making an extra buck but there will be a point where you will lose ALL of your players because the game is becoming unplayable.

Why don't you guys stop developing new features and content for a while and focus on bug fixing. This seems to be a constant factor in your games. Marvel Contest of Champions has had quite some big bugs in it for a while now and it doesn't seem like those are being looked at either. Instead of releasing things like the feature of letting us know that we had a perfect fight, take that time and figure out why our fights in the arena or in the special events on the harder difficulties are in slow motion (from that MAJOR lagging)


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    I've popped in a few of these threads already but I just want to emphasize how extreme the issue is for many of us after the latest update. My BG in am is crippled right now. Three of us have combined for possibly 40-50 crashes this series and we are receiving the health penalty. Others are reporting extreme lag and long freezes.
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    Lag and crashes here also with current version. They are happening in alliance missions, arena, and story missions. iPhone 7, iOS version 11.0.3. Lost half health just a few minutes ago in AM due to a crash right at the end of a perfect fight.
  • Hey there Commanders!

    We are terribly sorry to hear that you all are still experiencing these types of crashes and are our Dev team is doing their best to get these resolved as soon as possible. We understand that it is extremely frustrating to crash mid fight, or even at the start of the match, and we want you all to know our team is hard at work on these issues. We appreciate your patience and thank you for hanging in there with it.

    To help us get there, please make sure when posting about your crashes that you are including as much information as possible about where you crashed, and how it happened. Make sure to also include what device you are, what operating system and version you are on, as well as what version of the game you are on. Screenshots help as well!
  • This is ridiculous. Finally the lag calms down for a few days. Just running arena, raids, new story chapter... But then after a few Expert Event missions, the lag came back! Just impossible to play this!
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