Favourite bot?

As in the title. What's everyone's favourite bot and why? Mine is bludgeon for his awesome movement with original Optimus as a second for his overall brutality.


  • ToughnutToughnut Posts: 201
    Favorite bot overall, or favorite bot in-game?
  • In game (so far).
  • I'm still unsure who my favourite is, I like MV1 OP quite a bit though.
  • Bumblebee for me at the moment have not had the chance to play with the other bots
  • Bludgeon is fun. I enjoy gridor as well.
  • Sideswipe - he's quick and has more moves. But not that strong,so you'll need to take mor hits to finish a fight.
  • Mine is bone crusher
  • CarverCarver Posts: 52
    Lol not sure yet, probably ironhide. Hope I get a 3* of him
  • Bumblebee no doubt! ;)
  • Mirage, just a shame an Indy Car was chosen instead of the Gitanes - Ligier. Also keep in mind that that Japanese name for Mirage is actually Ligier ;)
  • Surprisingly I'm favoring MV1 Grinder (mainly for the tactical use of his hard melee attack).
  • I really like MV1, but only have a 2* at 2/20 waiting on sparks

    Sideswipe 2* is my first max rank, and I also have 3* windblade duped, who is deadly, and 3* ratchet, who I'm ranking for the megatron battle in my future.
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 914
  • ElitehunterElitehunter Posts: 178
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 153
    Grindor. My beautiful brute. He saves the day whenever I'm losing missions. I have a 3* and I'm forging the crap out of him to make him even stronger. I have him on forge level 49 already.
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