The Problem is the Arena Player Base/Structure

Hello just trying to start a discussion about the lack of players in the arena.
With all the bugs who knows it could be the whole game.

IE. for the t3 arena that happened yesterday Thursday the 2nd of November, I ranked 114 and fell into the bracket of 3-4% for rewards. If my math is correct that means I was 3-4% of roughly only 3,000 people who participated.

How can only 3 thousand people be active in the arena? that is smaller than most highschools. I believe the answer is the rewards structure (not to mention they pulled arena crystal 2 days, IMO terrible idea, 4 stars are not easy for myself to get)
I feel the problem must lie in the reward structure, it does for myself at least.

1. It is a huge turn off to lose a streak and have to start from scratch each day.
2. No milestone rewards, never seeing progress, trying to get a score as high as you can but never being able to track progress or get bonuses along the way. Humans do not respond positively to this.
3. Such steep drop offs from tier to tier (not to mention AM rank rewards are pathetic, rank 15 gets squat)
4. Minor issue, has been such a pain from the start competing against players that had a huge leg up from play time/rewards in the Alpha stage of the game.

ANYWAYS, 3,000 is outrageously low.


  • Three 3 regions for arena, so roughly 8-10k play arena
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    sure 10k in the arena over 3 regions, isn't that still incredibly small number?
    Doesn't that spell out that something isn't working right in the game.

    I would have to imagine that the numbers have dropped old arenas v new
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    Well the old system had 10-15k rank so the changes to arena hasn’t increased or decreased players ranking or playing arena by any significant amount
  • The most generous way to interpret your rank/bracket would be to assume the 113 ranked person was the last person in the 1-2% bracket. That implies 113x50 (ie: 5,650) players ranking in your region. If all 3 regions were equal, that means 16,300 players ranking in the last arena.

    While it's a bit more than you suggested, it obviously doesn't change your main point
  • Don't stop here. Extrapolate and speculate, so that we have a rough idea about how much Kabam would have earned daily to keep the awesome game running.
  • FlavinFlavin Posts: 7
    anyone else think this is still an issue? is the play base not growing?
    hit 1.2 mil in crystal arena a few times over the holidays and that was still not worth the 1-2% spot.
  • Flavin wrote: »
    anyone else think this is still an issue? is the play base not growing?
    hit 1.2 mil in crystal arena a few times over the holidays and that was still not worth the 1-2% spot.

    It's been 1.5m or more for a while now.
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    arena is totally, totally messed up. If the idea is to forge your bots then this lends itself to a naturally small but powerful roster size. If you choose not to forge then to maintain a goos streak you need anything below a r2 4* to be maxed out I think? I'm currently using 3* bots at r2 or 3 to get to 5, then using 5 teams of 4*, then waiting for refresh and using 4* again, and repeat, because all my other bots seem too low to keep a streak going. I would reset but the points are pitiful, fights take a long time and there is just very little incentive to do quantity, i.e. arena chips.
    The only arenas really worth playing, that require more matches, also end up with such high cut offs that the amount of arena crystals you get in relation to the volume of fights done is also pitiful.
    Seriously, Kabam just need to revert back to the arena system that was the same as MCOC - it works exceptionally well there. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

    I am also totally, totally sick of sandbag teams. I blame the player base for this but I would like to see measures to prevent it. It's so incredibly annoying.
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    It's been around since the beginning and why are we still blaming sandbagging trick instead of taking advantage of it? I leave most of my 2* bots in their initial state and sandbag through 6-15 fights with other maxed 3* bots and even autofight a lot.
    The thing is, when you're sandbagging, you are not afraid of a sandbagging team because your worst one will win over their worst one blink of an eye. Then you only have to win another hard fight which is 1:1.8 (1:1.5 with class advantage) in terms of rating. The worst case is when you have a 3000 team on 15th fight and encounters a sandbagging 6000, which will leave you no choice but two 1600:3000 fights. This doesn't happen everyday and that's when 5 energons come to save. But with the old school way, your 4500 team will meet a 9000+ team, and we know AI goes up with the rating....
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    Who understands or knows how the arena % bracket works? I think if top score 2.5mil, so anyone who is in 2.5m - 2.5m * 2% >= is going to get the 1-2% rewards and etc. I wonder if it's the case? Is it @Kabam Miike ?
    Or the Rank % is how the rewards calculated?
    I would guess the T2a most popular and top 1 is above 2mil points and that is the reason for higher points required to get 1-2%.
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    I think this maybe also can be the case. Didn't pay attention to that before. Ranks 11-100 is 1-2% always. I checked my arena records and rank 99 was in 1-2%. I didn't have a record of rank 101. But I remember getting rewards bellow 1-2% when I got ~110 ranks. If it's the case, why put % rather then ranks 11-100 instead of 1-2%?

    Maybe this an example as well. Ranked 1-10 1-10%. Rank 56 is 50-100%. So, Ranks 100+ are all in 1%.

    By the way, raid blitzs are gone but we still have same reward points. Need changes in that.
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