Join The Transmetals!

The Transmetals are Recruting! Looking for more active AM players and LINE users.



  • Looking for 1-2 more members to join! Contact Yoncemus on LINE with in-game profile.
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 184
    Ill join, on one condition, the leader starts alliance missions a lot especially when reward is feature bot shards. My current alliance never starts a alliance mission and right now is Megatron event.
  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 184
    How do I contact, I'm confused on post above.
  • We run alliance missions each week at the suggested difficulty level (currently 35-36). Contact me in game YoncemusPrime or on LINEID: Yoncemus with your game profile
  • We have an immediate opening for an active player! Please check the requirements above and contact any office in game or Yoncemus on LINE.Possible 2-3 openings available if you want to bring a few active buddies along!
  • Opening available! Running map 2, diff 40 in AM now. Contact on LINE above or YoncemusPrime in game
  • Two openings available! Please be able to handle map 2, difficulty 40 (rank 3 4-stars recommended), and have the LINE app for communication. Request to join in game or msg me your LINE ID
  • Two (possibly 3) immediate openings available for strong players with LINE. Help us build our 3rd BG! Running Map 2, Diff 40 with consistent 100% clears. Request in game or contact on LINE: Yoncemus
  • YoncemusPrimeYoncemusPrime Posts: 16
    Two immediate openings available before the next AM (3pm EST). Working on filling out our 3rd BG for Map 2, difficulty 41. Contact Yoncemus on LINE.
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