[-TMA-]Titan Masters Alpha is looking for 1 player

We're looking for loyal and experienced players who can handle AM difficulty 40(map 2) or difficulity 1-2(map 3, we do that sometimes)
Here are the requirements:
- Line needed for communication
- Treat others with respect
- Min 3x 4/40 3* bots or 3 2/20 4* bots and at least 1 3/30 4* bot
- Contribute in alliance events
- NO cheating, account sharing, mod using
- Have fun! It's a game

Contact spekktre or Jaybird01 in-game or on Line. They'll interview you


  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 436
    edited January 16
    We're looking for 1 player for map 3. All the information is in the poster
    Contact us:
    In-game: spekktre, Jaybird01, ENERJONz
    On Line: Spekktre1, Jaybird01, gunzomcoc
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