Poll version 7.0.P0LL

ManthroManthro Posts: 1,123
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Yes! It's been a while since I've upgraded the polls! What new features do you enjoy most about this poll?

Poll version 7.0.P0LL 20 votes

I like that I can use all the polls in my inventory without having to go claim them every time I'm upgrading!
0% 0 votes
I like getting 9 MOAR energy on the mission map every 6hrs for participating in a poll!
0% 0 votes
I like that the new poll synergy is working correctly now. It purifies all the damaging polls on the forums as intended.
0% 0 votes
15 extra polls a day for watching a couple ads? Yes, sign me up!
25% 5 votes
I can see which polls I still need to read on the bot screen... Ehhhh, ok I guess it's alright.
0% 0 votes
I still don't understand why this is poll version 7. It's clearly only looks like 6.5
15% 3 votes
How exactly does this enhance my poll experience again?
10% 2 votes
Can't wait for poll 8.0!
5% 1 vote
All of the above of course.. duh!
45% 9 votes


  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 570
    15 MOAR polls every day! Who could go past that?
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,123
    Awww, I clicked anonymous poll by accident, and there's no way to change it.. oh well, I guess it's just a bug I'll have to fix in v8.0
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 570
    I’m so tempted to flag that as abuse
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 291
    i just went for all of the above (TL;DR lol)
  • You work in HR?
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,123
    You work in HR?

    No, but interesting question, why would you ask me that?

    If you've ever seen the polls I post, they are usually spoofs on what's actually happening in the game at the time, but the choices do have some value. I always try to use a theme with each one is all.

    A few of the options in each poll will be outright random jokes every time though.
  • haha I got a HR survey as I was reading this so I thought the format is similar :D
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 159
    this poll just does not enhance my poll expollence
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 444
    Best poll ever! Will the bugged polls be gone in v8.0?
  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 367
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Best poll ever! Will the bugged polls be gone in v8.0?

    It’s not a bug.. it’s a feature
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