Upgrade from stash is almost useless

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If there is room in your Inventory, you can now use your stashed Ore-13 directly from your Upgrade Screen

The whole point of wanting to use stashed ore is because I have no room in my inventory.

If I have 600 ore in stash, I want to be able to use them all in one go, this current implementation of just replacing the empty inventory space is needlessly cumbersome and tedious.

I thought being able to use all the ore at once was the point of adding this feature.

All this does is fill empty inventory spots. Yeah, it saves me some taps, but still restricts me through having to use the very limited inventory space and I can't pick and choose or see how many I have total I just have to blindly use ore, so it's not that great a QoL improvement. I'd rather see my stash and know exactly what I have to work with.

How about just doubling or tripling the inventory space for ore or removing the limit entirely.


  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 354
    How about act3.4??
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 154
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    how about you both stop whining? We got ads that give you free energon ffs and now we get a t3c crystal for the price of a grimlocks pack. Surely that's enough?!
  • Promethium1Promethium1 Posts: 251
    How about act3.4??

    I’m more interested in ACT 4
  • TechnosTechnos Posts: 6
    It's not the improvement you liked to see apparently but it's still an improvement.
    Why complaining for something implemented what's still an improvement.
    Don't use it and just do it the "old" way. Perhaps it makes your life happy again
  • JKLJKL Posts: 191
    I thought it was nice addition. Saves some steps.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 688
    I found it OK, just get some swap slots and we're good. The other permanent slots should be saved for 3000+ class ores. Any ores below that level should be used or sold.
  • Kinda have to agree with the OP. The whole ore system is really a sloppy mess.
    I’d like to see side by side columns for class with toggles for ascending/descending and expiration/size. Once ore is selected three options to use, sell, or move to inventory. Pretty simple and players can tweak the organization of how they view themselves
  • And yeah, I put all the refrigerator items in the same bag at the grocery
  • I think it’s much better than MCOC. The “smartselect” feature saves time, and now the auto-sort plus auto-pull of class ORE from the stash is helpful. Previously, you’d have to go to your stash to see if you had a particular class left over, so several steps have been saved, IMO
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    It sounds like what you are asking for is for them to get rid of the restrictive nature of the inventory, but it is clearly intentionally that way.

    The change was just meant to save you from going back and forth between screens as much, not give you more inventory space.
  • I dunte have any issue with it. At all. Seriously makes MCuck archaic.
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