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So I've started playing in October and recently I've landed my first 4 star bot, G1 Optimus Prime. I'm close to finishing the level up, my question is: what's the best way to forge my other (1,2 and maybe 3*) G1 Optimuses?

Should I forge them all directly into the 4*? Or forge the (max level) 1* into the (max level) 2*, then the 2* into the 3* and so on? Sorry if this has been asked before, I ran a quick search and couldn't find anything.


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    any 1* into 2* of the same bot or from same class as a 4*
    any 2* into 3* of the same bot or from same class as a 4*
    any 3* into any 4* (destribitng bots per class is infinite task of forging unless buying crystals) I concentrate on 1/2 bots of 4*
    Use tables the members provided for info to get the most from forge.
    This is how I do it. Maybe someone has better way.
  • I would suggest you to keep all the 1* for arena use, their forge yield to 4* is tiny.
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    Dircules is 100% right. Forging should be used only at high player's rating. Otherwise it will slow progress by a lot. Even when forging into 3*, player should collect crystals before forging 2*. After forging these collected crystals should recover most of the forged bots.
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    This is good example how forge properly.
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    At this point I only forge when I need to, to keep a good sized arena roster - if I get a 1* bot, I max it out and forge it immediately, since they're useless to me. I only forge 2*s when they hit forge level 100, since dupes have far less value at that point. This seems to have created a fairly slow but steady pace to forging. Remember, accumulated forge XP transfers directly from one bot to another, so think of your bots as 'banks' for forge XP that you'll eventually give to a 4* bot when the time is right.
  • First you press on a bot’s icon, then you press forge, then you tap on the bot you would like to forge and then press forge, well done you have now forged a bot

    The point of the video was about collecting crystals(like he did 30 saved up) and to open forge level 100 needed lower star bot :wink:
  • Are there benefits to forging 2* into 3* instead of just forging 2* directly into 4* , if our rooster is at the point where our Main bots used are 4*?

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    seeker1321 wrote: »
    Are there benefits to forging 2* into 3* instead of just forging 2* directly into 4* , if our rooster is at the point where our Main bots used are 4*?

    I'm curious myself, I have a lot of 2* that I don't have use for, but want to get the most benefit possible from forging.
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    here is a complete guide to forging.
  • I have seen the chart, and it is very helpful. The chart makes it look like there is no benefit to forging 2* into 3*, instead of forging them right into 4*. Since the forge xp is carried forward.

    The amount of forge level, doesn't appear to have any bearing on the amount of crystal shards received. So that appears not to matter for getting more bots.

    Looking at the chart it doesn't really seem worth it to rank up 3*s, just duped them up and grind them into 4* crystals

  • I do this. I got a 4* ironhide. I wait until i have a 2* ih or 3* ironhide max outed and also both awakened. (If i have a 1* sure, but i wont invest ranking it up). Or maybe a 2* amd 3* mixmaster same class.

    Dont waste money and ore to forge different classes.
    Its it so much more effective if they are awakened and cost same amount of gold and ore.

    I got 5 4* at rank 4. Eaxh a different class. I wait until there is a 3 and 2 * both in a class awakened, then max rank and forge.

    If u want advice. Wait until you have a 2* and 3* og prime, both awakened, then max and forge. Or another tact at 2 and 3* awakened. Example magnus a 2 amd 3* both awakened do that. But dont waste resourxes before. Getting 2* awakened isnt hard with these dsily crystal shards.

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    like post said above, until you have, a solid roster don't worry about forging, worry about max leveling.
    I didn't really start forging my bots until I had 15 4 stars that were all rank 2/20 and 6 of them 3/30. so that toke a while. and still I have 4 stars that aren't forge 100/100, it takes a lot of bots, bots that people should be using in arenas if you don't have the roster you need.

    with that being said it is always better, in my experience to forge your bots, 2* 3* when they are max leveled. (I save all my 1* bots for the arenas...) 1. you get to use them for a while before forging 2. you get the most forge exp 3. you get the most crystal shards that way aswell.

    Also with you being a newer player, you should really be trying your best to be getting the monthly featured chip bot, and the easiest way to get chips for that is by duping bots.

    DONT WORRY ABOUT FORGING NOW, IT IS A GIMMICK FOR THE LONG GAME, it should be disable until level 40 45 really.
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