Premium crystals

I feel like the crystal sometimes doesn't want us to get 3 star or 4 star
But I'm good
What about you do you have any luck?


  • I dunno if this is in the right topic
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,301
    Don't waste your energon in premium crystals.

    Use shards to buy premiums, and save your energon for stuff like Alliance missions, spotlight missions, and the odd irresistible deal
  • that1guythat1guy Posts: 93
    As with any other crystals, it all comes down to luck. You're a new player I'm assuming, so my suggestion as @Manthro already did is to just focus your efforts in getting crystal shards, and naturally grow your roster that way. Even if you had gotten a 4 star at a low level account, you wouldn't be able to rank it up as you won't have the resources necessary. Overtime you will form a formidable roster of transformers.

    Unless you want to spend money on energon buying crystals, that's completely up to you as well. Just don't expect much, as it is still gambling.
  • that1guy wrote: »
    Overtime you will form a formidable roster of transformers.

    Wait they’re transformers? Damn thought they were gobots
  • I'm not a new player just that I don't feel like they are well.. Good
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