Rewards need a revamp

So...the players completing the expert spotlight missions don't need T2a, they need better Sparks. The players finishing hard mode need t2a so they can finish expert mode. I know this has been touched on over and over again but it seems we're being ignored over and over again. I see players with full teams of r5 bots and since the beginning I've only been able to scrape together 2 T2a Sparks. The divide in the top and the bottom is growing exponentially.
Kabam, PLEASE make a way (that doesn't cost $100 because that's insulting) to get t2a and actually rank the bots we have. These days when I get a 4* I pray for a dup Because it seems the only way to make a bot stronger these days.


  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 117
    Gutzdeep wrote: »
    If you havent noticed they dont seem to care about veteran players. The majority of us have learned their bs games, money traps, and wellour lesson when it comes to getting hosed. Therefore who cares what we think or if we quit... their main goal is focused on the new nieve players dropping loads of cash on crystals that will almost never give you a dang thing.

  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 560
    Kabam won't notice this discussion
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