Immediate Changes to 3-Day Event Rewards

Greetings Commanders!

As of today, we will be changing the rewards for the 3-Day events. Since the beginning of the game, the idea with the rewards was to help players level up and access new game modes, but now that the game is underway, we are switching to a longer term strategy of including Rank Up Materials in the Milestone and Rank Rewards.

This will allow players to either Rank Up their bots for use, or to Rank Up lower level bots to their Maximum before forging them into higher tier bots.

For the most part, players won't notice much. There will be a slight increase to resources across the rewards, but we'll be replacing an Energy Refill in a Milestone with a T1 Basic Spark, and replacing the Raid Shield in the Top Rank Rewards with T1 Alpha Spark Essence.
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