Looking for 500k alliance with active chat people and AM

Yo! Like title, i search for an Alliance with people that coordinate AM and are active in-game chat. Daily player, serious gamer but i like to joke around and have fun with everyone. I have a hard time finding a cool place with the in-game alliance search bar. We can't message unless friends so i try here. I'm 22k rating, i forge a lot. I have actually 5 r2 4* bots and lots of maxed out 3*. I always play strongest bots in AM. Well, if you are ever interested, add me so we can chat -> Fei Hung Prime <- I'm in Canada GMT -5h


  • FeiHungPrimeFeiHungPrime Posts: 2
    Found exactly what i was looking for, thanks for all the requests! :smiley:
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