Introducing: Changes to Forging and Crystal Shards for Forging Bots

Greetings Commanders!

After lots of suggestions from our players, we are adding a way for players to turn their unused bots into Shards. Starting today, when you Forge a bot into another Bot, you will receive Crystal shards for the next Crystal Tier! That means that forging a 2-Star Bot will grant you 3-Star Bot Crystal Shards, and forging a 3-Star Bot will grant you 4-Star Bot Crystal Shards.

Forging 1-Star Bots does not grant shards, but forging a 2-Star Bot with a higher Forge Level will increase the 3-Star Bot Crystal Shards you receive.

The amount of shards you receive will scale depending on Rank, Level and Signature Level. You'll also gain more Forge XP based on the Signature Level of the Bots being forged. This will not be retroactive, and will only apply to Bots that are forged following the change.

This change will take effect at 6pm PST tonight.
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