Ultra Magnus on Android?

Hey I know Ultra Magnus is an Apple exclusive for now (grumble grumble) but is there a time frame for adding him to the general PBC? Just curious


  • He'll be available in Arena before they put him in the PBC. I don't know who's after Waspinator but the ones that come to mind who could be are:

    Ultra Magnus

    That being said, they still don't get added to the PBC until after 6-12 weeks at least from their Arena run.

    They do sell the special crystals that you can buy for 150 each that have a chance for them though while they're in Arena.
  • Alkaiser_93Alkaiser_93 Posts: 249
    I think next bot Kabam will add it's Starscream or Ultra Magnus, since the game doesn't have many Tactician-class bots.
  • SkubSkub Posts: 28
    How are people getting Grimlock already if he's not in the crystal roll? I swear every other arena opponent has one.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    That's npc teams
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    I think ultra mag will be next. Like Alk said, there are only 2 tactician bots in PBC currently, so it only makes sense.

    My guess is that Megatron might end up being like Kang / Thanos. He's very exclusive already, barely see him anywhere in game. Seems like he's gonna be some really difficult reward for the very elite / wallet warriors.
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