Announcing Changes to Raids

Greetings Commanders,

Starting very soon, we will be issuing a few changes to Raids.

First, we've corrected a bug that prevented players from winning Medals from the Quintesson Bases, but have also reduced the amount of Medals that one can win from these bases in comparison to a live player in the upper medal ranges (1000+ medals). Medals are a representation of your abilities in comparison to other players. If players were able to only fight Quintesson Bases to gain medals, they would be able to climb the leaderboards without actually raiding other players, allowing people to strictly “pay to win” to the top of the leaderboard. We don’t want that situation to exist.

The medals are part of a delicate economy that we can’t afford to flood or upset the balance of. As players reach the higher end of the Medal Count, you will see the medals available from Quintesson Bases decrease, where the very top end may provide 1 or 0 medals.

We’ve also made adjustments to our matching system to provide more Player Bases to Raid instead of Quintessons. This should increase the chances of a having another player to Raid which give a more natural medal rewards for victory.

These changes will start to take effect this evening, but may not be available to all players until tomorrow afternoon. If you see any problems after the change or find any issues arising, please let us know!
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