Upcoming Bot and Mod Changes

Hey Commanders!

The first set of game balance changes are coming soon in our next update. Before we get to the changes, we’d like to take some time to explain how the team arrives at balance updates like these. It’s all part of an ongoing effort by the development team to promote a “healthy” metagame, which can be described by some of the following goals:

- Supporting a variety of different strategies are effective in each mode
- Ensuring all Bots have a role or niche in one or more modes
- Minimizing frustrating or confusing mechanics and dynamics
- Providing compelling abilities and interactions for all types of players

We leverage a few different factors in order to better-inform our decision-making processes when it comes to steering the metagame towards these goals. The most prominent is analysis of in-game data like usage trends, win rates, and performance metrics, but data can only ever show us part of the picture. Community feedback is another important component: what are all of you interested in, having difficulty with, or being frustrated by? By pairing anecdotes with empirical evidence, we can start to form a more complete picture of what’s happening inside the game. It then takes a bit of filtering through the design vision for the game and hours and hours of in-house playtesting to finally settle on what the highest priority changes are. That brings us to posts like these where we can share our thoughts and processes for you to give you an opportunity to voice your thoughts.

Game balance updates are par for the course over the course of a game’s lifetime, so this won’t be the last time we cast our attention at the metagame to nudge some values, polish some UI, or clarify some descriptions. We’re committed to maintaining a regular, ongoing effort to help achieve our metagame goals. This is something all of you can help us with as well by sharing your thoughts on these forums. While we aren’t always able to respond to everything, we do read everything and we do take your feedback into consideration.

Alright, I won’t delay the good stuff any longer (but thanks for reading!). Here is an overview of the upcoming game balance changes:

Backfire damage increased by 20%.
“Backfire” text now plays when the recipient activates a Special Attack to trigger the Backfire damage.


His Signature “Alacrity” ability now has a minimum time of 0.2s to switch between Evade Ranged and Evade Melee at Signature Level 100.

EMI Module
The red “Ranged Debuff” icon now correctly appears on the attacker.
The “Unstoppable” ability is now a “Miss”. Projectiles no longer collide and deal damage; they miss completely. Additionally, this ability no longer affects projectiles from Special Attacks.
The chance to miss has been reduced by 10% when compared to the previous Unstoppable chance.

Strange Refractor Module
AI is now more likely to attack while the player is Stunned.

Thanks for your patience and support as we work to improve Transformers: Forged to Fight. Are there Bots, Mods, or abilities that you feel need a bit of love? Are there frustrating mechanics or ridiculously powerful abilities that you feel need some attention? Please let us know what you think about these changes and the state of metagame in the discussion thread here: http://forums.transformersforgedtofight.com/discussion/580/upcoming-bot-and-mod-changes-discussion-thread#latest

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