Thanks everyone

Ladies, gentlemen, Autobrats and 'Cons of all ages, I would just like to say thank you.
The game is young, and we've had our complaints, but overall I've had a blast playing since global launch. The bots are wonderful, maybe not EXACTLY how I remember, but they take me back to my childhood regardless. Smashing Bay Prime with G1/CW Optimus is a golden guilty pleasure, and all the other what-If matchup are fun.
Thanks Kabam, and keep on making this game great!


  • BumblebeeBumblebee Posts: 199
    Visited many, more untraveled. 'Til All Are One! :)
  • IBM5100IBM5100 Posts: 4
    Thank you Kabam for making this happen.
  • Alkaiser_93Alkaiser_93 Posts: 249
    'Till All Are One
    For what?
  • CulpersonCulperson Posts: 2
    Yep... thanks
  • We really appreciate hearing that you're enjoying the game! I'll make sure this appreciation is passed on to the teams that did all the hard work in designing and implementing it. There really is a lot that goes into creating games like these, and the teams will absolutely appreciate the thanks!
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