Duplicates, duplicates, duplicates, duplicates...

Come on, guys, this is just sad. I've been playing every day since the game came out, and have probably spent over a hundred dollars on crystals. Almost level 37. I have yet to even have enough three-stars to fill up my team, forced to use a 2 star in the last slot instead. For the past three weeks, I've opened the daily crystal every single day and spent more on crystals, both the premium bot and special bot crystals and EVERY SINGLE TIME it's been a duplicate of a two-star or a mod.

Good games like this give you a sense of actually being able to progress. They provide at least the illusion that you're getting somewhere. Look at Diablo. It's the whole 'open the loot box and score goodies' thing. We don't mind spending money and time because we're getting things out of it. Our brains are rewarded with the rush from gradually improving.

But this? Spending most of a month getting nothing? What's the point? Hell, I wouldn't notice the alpha spark wall as much if I could at least improve my team with useful three-stars. But no. Again, three weeks worth of opening crystals only to get 'duplicate 2-star, duplicate 2-star, duplicate 2-star' again and again.

Hell, three of the last... I believe 4 or 5 crystals I've opened have ALL given 2-star Windblade. Just... just... why? Hell, when someone gets a duplicate of a 2 star they already have, can't you at least throw a few three star shards at them along with it? Even that would feel like something.

And just so this whole thing isn't just bitching, there's a reason I've played so much. This is a good game... in a lot of ways. There's an awful lot of frustration around it, but I think that's just initial release things that can be corrected. Especially once there's a larger roster. The alpha spark problem that everyone already knows about, the small amount of bots to use, etc, all of that can be fixed. I just had to vent my frustration over spending most of a month accomplishing nothing because the crystals refuse to give anything beyond 2-star duplicates over and over again.


  • XannenXannen Posts: 17
    This is very typical honestly. Premium crystals and special bot crystals are extremely stingy. Same with the mod crystals.
    The way to get 3* bots more "reasonably" is to get them via Arena.
    I say "reasonably" sarcastically since it's only going to get more and more out of reach for players to score a 3* or 4* this way unless you're chained to your phone/tablet AND spend $$$ on energon.
    If you are a player that expects to get anywhere without putting in any $ you're just going to be disappointed. Even if you spend as much money as I have, you will still find you run into blocks to your progress. Either it's not enough gold because you don't arena, or not enough ore because it takes so much of it to rank up your bots or actual bots that you can use like you are running into.

    As you said it is a great game in many ways, but as you rank up you quickly realize just how steep the mountain is and how much it takes to "keep up". When you have players that can pay their way past everyone else in an hour, it just feels like a grind that is too great with now enough satisfaction as you're playing.

    I thats what Ive found and I've played since day 1 of beta as well.
  • XannenXannen Posts: 17
    And just as a follow up, I went in and opened 10 PRC that I've been saving up.. take a guess how many 2* bots I got.
  • Hired_GoonHired_Goon Posts: 434
    I know you're pain but that's what 3* bot crystals are for. Seriously. I was you. All of my PBC and special Soundwave crystals(I really, really, really wanted Soundwave and opened a ton of them trying) just got me 2*, 2* and more 2*.

    All I can say is work to find an alliance that can get the week long missions done. That's 5/8 of a 3* bot crystal. Rank up all those 2* and take them into arena. That will net you the other 3/8 and that will ne a 3* bot crystal once a week.

    Is it fast? No. But if it was you wouldn't keep playing anway. This is how I've acquired the vast majority of my 3* bots. Those 3* bot,crystals. Thats the real goal.
  • SepsisSepsis Posts: 63

    I purchased in excess of 1500 energon...not even a 3*. The above is a sample of my rich pickings.
    Kabam: I know the bot roster is small at present, but please don't make the 3* as elusive and exclusive as the 4*.I have so much ore right now...I'm contemplating opening a mine!!!
  • SepsisSepsis Posts: 63
    The purchase was yesterday (9 June) using iTunes vouchers. Pretty disappointed at the drop rate, so will resign myself to maxing the 2*s, the 4 x 3* and the 4* Windblade before buying again, sadly.
  • DavienDavien Posts: 740
    got a lot of dupe 3* too recently from 3* crystals.. sometimes multiple of similar dupes such as barricade and mirage. At least give me a new duplicate rather than a repeat already! Hoping for Grindor and Rachet duplicate soon!

    Still have Bludgeon, Optimus MV1, and Motormaster not unlocked yet!! when can I get them from 3* crystals???
  • Jones117aJones117a Posts: 38
    You really can't rely on PBCs for 3*s, you've got to join a good alliance and get them through events like Hired_Goon said.
  • SmirkyDrewSmirkyDrew Posts: 118
    Gotta love all 2*s.
  • SepsisSepsis Posts: 63
    I've become pretty philosophical about the 2* bots - I figure, at the very least, I can work towards 3* bots and forge them into my 4* Windblade in order to acquire another 4*. Just one route.
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    come on please the duplicates is really killing my passion for this game. i will hang on until Fate Grand Order is released.. if no improvements by then i guess its farewell.
  • SepsisSepsis Posts: 63
    I hope the bot roster is increased soon. I remember Kabam Miike's comment about the likelihood of dupes owing to a small bot roster.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    edited June 2017
    We will get a new bot every two weeks on average

    But they won't be added to regular crystals for some time
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 153
    I would recommend not opening your daily crystals for a week or more. I started doing that and now I have enough to go on missions and protect the base at the same time. I have 12 3*s and 2 4*s. Granted I don't open the crystal for a month at minimum. I started playing the game before it was released also.
  • 5 is nothing I opened 13 and got all 2* dupes still missing 7 3* characters.
    Plus I only have 1 4* and I've been playing since day one. It's just part of the game nothing to get upset about.
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