Upcoming Changes to Loyalty and Alliance Help

Greetings Commanders,

We have a couple of small, but significant changes heading your way next week, but wanted to give you all a heads up so you can prepare and adjust!

First, we’re going to be making a major change to Loyalty. What exactly? Well, we’re removing it completely.

Starting Wednesday, June 14th, in order to simplify our economy and make the game more accessible to all players, we will be removing Loyalty as a resource. To accommodate this change, we will be making the following adjustments:

  • Fulfilling an Alliance mate’s Help Request will now award 100 Gold for each Alliance mate you help with Mission Energy, and 50 Gold for each Bot you help in Arenas. Maximum of 3500 Gold Daily.
  • Alliance Missions will no longer require Loyalty as a Map Cost
  • The Alliance Crystal will now be free to collect on a 24 hour timer, much like the Free Daily Crystal
  • All Loyalty will be converted to Gold
NOTE: Loyalty in Alliance Treasuries will remain there for now, but will be converted to Gold shortly

We wanted to give you all a heads up on this so you won’t have to donate any more Loyalty to your treasury than you need, and can choose to purchase some Alliance Crystals while you still can.

Additionally, we’re going to be making another couple changes to Alliance Help Requests as they pertain to Mission Energy:

  • Increasing the frequency of when you’re allowed to request Help for Mission Energy, so you can now request energy every hour, instead of every 6 hours.
  • You will be granted 3 energy simply by requesting help, so you can take another step or two, and possibly complete a fight right away, rather than waiting for Alliance Mates to fulfill your request.

That’s it for now Commanders! We have a lot more cool improvements coming your way with our 2.0 Release, which lands next week. More information will be available on that early next week, so keep your eyes open for that!


  • ToughnutToughnut Posts: 201
    Does this mean AM costs will be different? Or will AM costs stay the same, just without loyalty?
  • TechTech Posts: 15
    I like the idea of more gold... but time and effort may have been better spent on adding content like Alliance Wars so that the game can grow instead of taking content away.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    How did they take content away? They removed loyalty which basically had one use
  • BendoverBendover Posts: 9
    @mutang ...lol , he was giving his opinion hahhahahaha....man ..u hating. .......um any changes for the bugs and glitches mike??? I stop playing the game for this reason?? Maybe i can come back if u guys fix this in ur new patch
  • TalibTalib Posts: 30
    Mike what about the 40 lvl limit??is it increase in 2.0?? please say yes
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,697
    Thumbs up to more direct and indirect gold sources, much needed at this stage of roster development.

    Loyalty/Alliance crystals are useless. Get rid of those, bring back mission crystal shards :) YOU CAN DOOO EEEET!!!

    I sincerely hope you do not torpedo the extra gold income by increasing the cost of alliance missions now that loyalty is not required. This would completely defeat the benefit you have created.
  • SmirkyDrewSmirkyDrew Posts: 118
    Can you make a "help all" button instead of "help 4" please? Sometimes can get over a 100 and it starts to glitch. Please and thanks.
  • Toughnut wrote: »
    Does this mean AM costs will be different? Or will AM costs stay the same, just without loyalty?

    Alliance Mission Gold costs for The Shattered Lands Map will not be changing at all, but they will no longer require Loyalty. Keep in mind that the Map rewards will no longer include Loyalty and the Gold Rewards will not be changed.

    As for Forgotten Ruins... Those are changing, but for the better. There will no longer be any cost for any Difficulty level of the Forgotten Ruins map at all!
  • ToughnutToughnut Posts: 201
    Awesome thank you.
  • NightchrisNightchris Posts: 94
    What will happen to out loyalty if we have been saving. I have almost 30k cause I thought a loyalty store would be coming down the road eventually?

    Maybe just 1 loyalty for 1 gold?
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    In the original post it states loyalty will be converted to gold assume at 1-1 rate
  • BubianBubian Posts: 82
    Thanks mike. More daily sneak peeks please!
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    edited June 2017
    This sounds like a good, logical change.

    Miike, can you talk about other things that are planning to be simplified?

    In the interest of "simplifying our economy and making the game more accessible to all players" can I suggest changing all the 2* bot shard/crystal rewards to Premium Bot Crystal rewards? The chance for a 3* is so small anyway it really seems unnecessary having a 2* only crystal. It's not really a huge benefit to players and at least they have a chance of something good... or make the frequency of 2* crystals far more frequent, I get them far less than premiums.

    Can the help button be changed to 'help all' so we only have to press it once instead of 20 times?
  • This post is in the wrong Category just to get our feedback. Conspiracy Theory!!!!!!!
  • What's the exchange rate? I have about 38,000 + Loyality points.
  • SepSep Posts: 22
    88,000 here...anticipating the store. :S It'll be 1-to-1 exchange rate I imagine and that is going to hurt. I'd rather that they removed the limit on buying one crystal a day so I could at least get some benefit. Oh well.
  • KrugaKruga Posts: 123

    • ...
    • The Alliance Crystal will now be free to collect on a 24 hour timer, much like the Free Daily Crystal.
    • ...

    Can we instead have the Daily Crystals to regenerate like how Alliance Crystals had been regenerating (daily at a fixed time), rather than 24-hours from when you collect it? It is not always possible to collect the xstals at the same minute everyday and this means most players would probably lose a couple of xstals eventually (worse for those with irregular play time)
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