Introducing: Log In Calendars


We have just received more intel on a brand new feature that launches with Version 2.0 tomorrow!

Introducing, Log In Calendars!

Log In Calendars aid you with rewards that can range from Potions, to Gold, to Crystal Shards. All you have to do to claim them all is log in every day!

There are currently four different types of Log In Calendars. The 7 Day Calendar that resets every 7 days, the 28 Day Calendar that resets monthly, the Alliance Calendar that resets every 7 days and rewards you with Gold, and special calendars which will vary in length.

Sounds simple, right? Well, there are some things to keep in mind.

Missing a day on the 28 Day Calendar will usually be okay. Since there are more than 28 days in a month (expect for February), you have between 2 and 3 grace days to ensure that you can still get all of the rewards that are contained in the calendar. If, however, you miss more than the allotted grace days, the final days will starting blacking out, as they will no longer be available.

Missing a day on the 7 Day Calendar will put you back to the very first day, so log in every day to get the best rewards! Special 7 Day Calendars will act in the same way.

Alliance Calendars are also 7 Day Calendars, but are only available to Commanders that are currently in an Alliance, and reward gold.

Special Event Calendars will vary. They could be any number of days and might repeat like a 7 Day Calendar, and will reset if you miss a day, or might be 14, 21, or 28 days, and may not have any grace days.

The Calendar Day changes over at 00:00 UTC (5pm PDT).

You’ll get your first taste of these when you update to 2.0 tomorrow (June 14th), but we won’t have a monthly calendar until the beginning of July.
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