Upcoming Changes to Raids and Raid Store

Commanders, we have exciting new intel!

With the launch of Transformers: Forged to Fight 2.0 release scheduled for June 14th, we’ve taken the opportunity to make some big changes and introduce some exciting new features that we think you’re all going to really like. There’s more information coming for that very soon, so keep an eye out for our patch notes tomorrow!

We’ve also taken this opportunity to start tackling what our players have been saying is a point of frustration for them… Raids. The Raid system is an important part of the game, but can also be a roadblock for many of our players. We know that raiding is an important source of resources and want to make them more accessible to all of our players. This is just the start to our changes to the Raid system, and we do plan on monitoring these changes and are open to making more changes in the future.

To achieve this, we’re making some major changes to the way that you win and lose Raid Chips from a Raid.

The first change you'll notice is the much higher potential Raid Chip amounts for successfully defeating a tough Base. Defeating individual Bots will reward less Raid Chips in favor of this large victory reward that scales up with the opponent's difficulty. On the flip side of this, the amount of Raid Chips stolen from you if your defense fails will be much lower. Larger potential gains and fewer losses for all.

Now, what can you do with all of those Raid Chips? Well, we’ve made a couple changes to the Raid Store that we think that many of you will be happy with.

First of all, we’ve decreased the initial cost of Tier 1 Alpha Spark Essence to 15 000 Raid Chips (down from 18 000), and have increased the amount you receive from to 300 Essence (up from 100 Essence), and have lowered the Medal Count required to purchase them to 1100 (down from 1200). We’ve also decreased the cost of Tier 2 Basic Spark Essence from 6000 Raid Chips, to 4000 Raid Chips. Additionally, these 2 items in particular will now have decreasing costs for each subsequent purchase, but will have a daily purchase limit of 4. Yep, that’s right. The more you purchase, the less you’ll pay.

There will also be a few changes to some of the costs of other items in the Raid Store. For instance, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Ore-13 will now have increasing costs for each purchased.

There is one more change coming to the Raid Store. You’ll quickly notice that we have removed a few items from the store, including The Superconductor 1000, The Star Saber, Tier 1 Ore, and The Standard Mod Crystal. This is to make some room to introduce rotating items that we don’t usually feature in the Raid Store. This could include things like Gold Crystals, Premium Bot Crystals, or even things that have been removed, like The Superconductor 1000. These items won’t launch with 2.0, but you’ll see them shortly after.

There you have it Commanders. We hope that these changes will make your Raiding experiences much more enjoyable, and will help you explore New Quintessa as the capable Warriors you are!


  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 642
    I really wish you hadn't removed the Standard Mod Crystal, but everything else sounds good. Next up: fix Harm Accelerators.
  • ToughnutToughnut Posts: 201
    Awesome news!
  • NightchrisNightchris Posts: 94
    Great change for the overall potential of the game. (First time I have complimented you guys in over a year). Keep it up!
  • TalibTalib Posts: 30
    Awesome now u r talking kabam
  • BlazinhobbsBlazinhobbs Posts: 135
    Thank you!
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,946

    Guess this update was worth the wait
  • 2Pocalypse2Pocalypse Posts: 39
    I'm excited about this update!
  • SerapthSerapth Posts: 157
    CandKane wrote: »
    I really wish you hadn't removed the Standard Mod Crystal, but everything else sounds good. Next up: fix Harm Accelerators.

    Seriously, fix Harm accelerators, couple with this excellent change and a few bot tweaks, and Kabam nailed all the major pain points.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068
    So IIUC, it's 15000, 16000, 17000 then fixed at 18000 when I buy Alpha?
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 467
    So IIUC, it's 15000, 16000, 17000 then fixed at 18000 when I buy Alpha?

    Says it's a decreased cost per purchase, and it's limited to 4 purchases a day.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068
    MaxBebop wrote: »
    So IIUC, it's 15000, 16000, 17000 then fixed at 18000 when I buy Alpha?

    Says it's a decreased cost per purchase, and it's limited to 4 purchases a day.

    Sorry for my English. I now understand that 300 is 300 spark essences, not 300 Chips, and 100 is the former essence amount, not the increment of Chips.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068
    Serapth wrote: »
    Seriously, fix Harm accelerators.
    What's wrong with this mod? Too annoying? I've always had a MVOP in my raid squad just in case. That said, it really bites hard, especially with the bleed stacking when hit by Specials.

  • SepsisSepsis Posts: 63
    Loving this news. Thanks Kabam!!
  • UPDATE: Hey All, we have a slight delay on the updates to Raids. They're still coming, and we are aiming to have them up ASAP, but they might not be until later today. We'll keep you updated on this and have these out as soon as we can!
  • Noticing we still have choice to attack players in our own alliance on raids. Shouldn't that be fixed? Also seeing revenge still does not work. Unknown error every time. It might be that every person who has ever raided me since the official release of the game is perpetually under a shield, but I doubt it.

    The AI is different, but it feels harder, not easier. It dodges heavies way more, is able to shoot crazy fast, and even characters without evade passive or mod are escaping from combos and multi-hit specials.

    I have not seen anything broken about harm accelerator. Unavoidable damage is pretty lame, but it seems to work as described. If anything about it is "broken", it's the change to the AI making it harder to take down opponents fast, resulting in more unavoidable damage being taken.
  • SmirkyDrewSmirkyDrew Posts: 118
    @Fyrintenimar I have noticed this as well and am not a fan of it.
  • BigbowlrBigbowlr Posts: 88
    Why is it that I don't get the RC advertised when I pick the fight occassionally. Today I picked a raid that awarded 7k RC for winning. When I won I only got 4k for the victory.
  • MontanaManMontanaMan Posts: 11
    It would be awesome to have T2 mod sparks in the store as well since there seems to be absolutly no other way to get them!!
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