Requesting Information: AI Dodging Heavy Attacks more often

Hi Commanders!

We've gotten a few reports that the AI is now dodging your heavy attacks more often than they did before 2.0. If you are seeing this, please help us out with some more information.

What modes are you seeing this in?

If in a mission, which mission did you see this in?

Which bots are you using when you notice this?

If we need more information, we'll let you guys know, and thank you in advance for helping us get to the bottom of this.
If our investigations conclude that there was a change made, it was not intentional.


  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    I've seen this mainly in raids. In arena it seems to be the same. And it seems that it's also the case in the spotlight mission, but doing the easy ones means killing bots fast so it's hard to see.

    Any bots just dodge heavy attack, sometimes all of them.
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    You will never land a heavy melee versions unless you have hit with several attacks into a block or landed hits tried with all modes and all bots they just dash back all the time.

    Also with range speed change seems hard to sidestep and range back and counter
  • I see this heavily in Arenas. Even at steaks below 10 ! FYI no any specific bot. AI is dodging heavies more often of all bots. Not just dodging. They block way to often too. Basically slightly weaker version of the AI that takes over after steak 20 is being deployed at much earlier streaks.
  • BlogZmogisBlogZmogis Posts: 36
    I see this in all modes. It's harder to fight even against 1* bots.
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 467
    Mostly in raids and arena, and it's though to land now that most bots heavy got their range nerfed especially if your against the wall
  • DexterDexter Posts: 1
    Mostly in raids and arena. Both dodge and evade frequency has increased after the upgrade. I saw sideswipe evading during special 2 of my bumblebee twice in the same fight.
  • MAMILMAMIL Posts: 29
    For WB, OG OP, Prowl, its almost as if their heavy attack ranges are randomized - sometime they look normal and can connect half way across the screen, but other times they awkwardly (graphically at least) make a short spin almost standing still and couldn't hit AI bots who are an arm's reach away
  • jjack314jjack314 Posts: 37
    Two fold issue.
    1) Any bot that does not utilize a ranged heavy attack may at random have the range of their heavy attack reduced. For example, with Motormaster, transforming to his truck mood, sometimes his heavy will reach, for example 8 units across the screen, and sometimes it will reach 3. And this does not matter if you are fighting in the middle or on the sides of the fight area.

    2)If you do get a bot pinned against the edge of the arena, they are able to back step and dodge the attack. This does not happen when a player attempts the same thing.

    Email me and i can send you videos that i recorded of these happenings
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    You can back step when against a wall and evade attacks always have been able to
  • LafozaLafoza Posts: 28
    I just did 3 RAID attacks , 3 and 4 star arenas and started Special Mission on every one of this modes its close to impossible to land heavy attacks. After every 5-6 attempts I may get one to hit the enemy. The bot just dash backwards if i`m with melee heavy attack, if its ranged the bot go sideways.
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 642
    Mustangjon wrote: »
    You can back step when against a wall and evade attacks always have been able to

    Not really no
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    edited June 2017
    I do it all the time guess just must be me and my phone next time grindor pins you in corner on l2 try to evade the end.

    But I digress this is off topic from the real problem just addressing jack stating that's newly created
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 91
    Yes this is happening in all modes. The heavy connect rate is very bad now. The arena fights are taking way too long because of this. Motormaster usually always connects with his heavys but now he can't connect with a heavy to save his life.
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    I see it as a change that possibly happened the day before 2.0 (at least, I first commented on it the day before)
    It happens in all modes, but not consistently. Sometimes the AI dodges 9/10 heavy attacks, and sometimes you can land 4/5. I've had it in raids, story, and arena just about equally often. It probably happens in about half of all battles at the moment, maybe more (I started compensating so it's harder to tell exactly how common it is)

    It's the non-ranged heavy attacks that are behaving differently. Bee & Bonecrusher are most adversely effected b/c their buffs depend on landing heavy attacks. Rhinox to an extent is in that category. Then G1 Prime & Ratchet are next, but they get their buffs even if the heavy is evaded. Other bots like Arcee, Sideswipe, Mirage, Motormaster, New & Improved Mix, they can all get by without their heavy attack, but they're still experiencing the "never land a heavy" battles
  • Opeth11Opeth11 Posts: 1
    Hey Team.
    In arena fight after 15 streak
    The ai dodges all my heavy and at around 30 the ai goes nuclear and didn't give Chance to hit him.
    The heavy range has been halved that is fine but the ai difficulty level has increased on the harder fights in arena.

    During raids, if the opponent has more rating as compared to my fighting bo. He again goes haywire and don't give chance to attack and heavies wont work at all.
  • Arenas has become now much harder then previous before update!!!!! It really sucks...... they block or dodge your every every attack.... after winning 15 streaks it become so hard even they are of lower level then us... very bad to see :(
  • TechTech Posts: 15
    Yes... i see it in all aspects of the game and we are losing players because of it in our alliance.
  • Jay32Jay32 Posts: 91
    Seems like all the heavy attacks have been shortened also.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068
    I've seen AI dodging heavies mainly in Raids.
    For melee heavies: before 2.0 I can land about 8 out of 10 using LLLH (light*3 then hold for heavy), after 2.0 I can only land about 4/10
    For missile heavies: before 2.0 I can land about 5 out of 10 using LLLH. After 2.0 I can't even land it once in 10 attacks!

    And yes, melee heavies' been shortened. Take Mixmaster for example, his heavy was like ALL the way across the screen, now he can't land it like he used to.
  • bimblade01bimblade01 Posts: 10
    yes the bug is still tere and u can lose at even 1.5 multiplier and a.i. dodges heavy attacks very often, btw v2.0 update is good kudos to kabam team.please fix these bugs asap.
  • Spidey076Spidey076 Posts: 222
    At first i did not thought it was a bug when i fighting in hard lvl of special quest with rhiNox.his all heavy are evaded rarely 1 or 2 get hit otherwise all Dodge.
  • GrrGrr Posts: 24
    AI evading heavy attacks in arena is way more often, especially bad with Rhinox who can't land any heavies practically.. I can't speak for the other game modes but it's pretty bad in arena..

    Off topic but weren't enemies supposed to use their specials more often? Haven't noticed any changes to that yet..
    Mustangjon wrote: »
    You can back step when against a wall and evade attacks always have been able to
    I can confirm that evading attacks when pinned against wall is working normally, like Mustangjon said..
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 1,068
    Grr wrote: »
    Off topic but weren't enemies supposed to use their specials more often? Haven't noticed any changes to that yet..
    Second that. Instead of throwing out more specials, AI just holds for S3 more often. That's painful for fighting AI's Mixmaster as now his S3 insanely hurts (when he reaches S3 he oftentimes has 6 stacks of special buff, ouch)

  • LafozaLafoza Posts: 28
    I think the problem is that the bots do not attack any more now. Most bots just stay ranged and shoot. Rarely they attack. They dodge not only heavy attacks they dodge most dash in attacks and even stay on guard when use Special. I preffer bots to be more agressive but not mastermind fighters that can predict what you can do so they can block and conterattack you asap every time you do anything to them lol
  • ElitehunterElitehunter Posts: 190
    Noticed this alot in arena and raids
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    Seeing everyone's comment, it seems the problem comes from the lenght of the heavy attack. They are indeed a lot shorter than before and it's even more obvious with Windblade who basically doesn't move, and I'm sure that's why the opponents can dodge most the attacks.
  • Lomar4976Lomar4976 Posts: 11
    edited June 2017
    I have found that even when backed into a corner, opposition bots can frequently dodge heavy attacks, by 'stepping back'

    This only applies to 'melee' type heavy attacks - i.e. where the bot transforms into a vehicle and surges forward a limited distance. Where the bots shoot something (i.e. Ironhide etc) this doesnt seem to apply - they can sidestep equally as well as they could in the past (the ranged heavy attacks still have a low chance of hitting though they seem to be more frequently able to connect when the bots are backed into a corner.)

    This has been tested on missions as well as raids, and arena. I noticed the amount of 'knockdowns' that I do on bumblebee is much reduced now in a fight as my heavy attacks are not connecting.

    Note - I've noticed this applies more frequently in equal or higher 'power level' bots (i.e. the number rating, not the star level or experience level) - if you are significantly higher than than the opponent, they seem to not dodge as often.
  • LafozaLafoza Posts: 28
    edited June 2017
    One more thing. In raids is almost impossible to kill high armor and health bots like Grindor and Bonecrusher if they have harm accelerator. Harm accelerator was a problem for me before as for everyone else I guess but now is annoying. I was able to kill this kind of enemies before losing half or more of my health. Now my bots are much stronger and its close to impossible to deal with that kind of enemy. They just block or protect them self backing sideways or backwards then when I try to go closer or after they block few times I use heavy attack they just counterattack. Even spending like 30 sec running around from them they just stay and shoot from distance and avoid my ranged attacks doing this. Like I say already going closer with swipe forward then attack or heavy attack after they block few times it leads to avoiding my attacks and counterattack asap. I have notes that now after they do heavy attack or even special level 1 or 2 if I avoid or block this is almost impossible to counterattack after this. They just block or step back.

    Can we have some update on what developers think? Is this something normal that they wanted to make the game harder for hardcore players or just a bug ?
  • GrrGrr Posts: 24
    Peyote wrote: »
    Seeing everyone's comment, it seems the problem comes from the lenght of the heavy attack. They are indeed a lot shorter than before and it's even more obvious with Windblade who basically doesn't move, and I'm sure that's why the opponents can dodge most the attacks.

    I believe that the shortened heavy attacks was on purpose, there was mention to making heavy attacks easier to avoid so I'm assuming the shorter reach is part of that.. But that's not the real problem, in my opinion the range isn't a problem at all, the problem is that enemies are evading melee type heavy attacks with significantly greater frequency than pre-update.. I used to pin the enemy against the wall with Rhinox and chain many heavies and punches together all the time, now I can't seem to even land a single heavy on them even when they are against the wall and I'm attempting the heavy after punching them while they're blocking...
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    The range is definitely a (the) problem. When Windblade is staying in the same position when she does a heavy attack, there's cleary an issue.
    And the tuning was only for ranged attack:

    Made a slight adjustment to the speed of Projectile Attacks to make them easier for players to avoid
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