Did not receive any rank rewards from the last Arena

I'm hoping this is a known issues and I am not the only one. I ranked in 300 something in both arenas but did not receive any of the crystal shard rank rewards you usually get once the rankings have been calculated. My highest streak says 1 and highest multiplier is 1 but I do have the point totals that I earned along with the rank displaying on the rank screen. Is anyone else affected by this and has there been any comments on a fix?


  • LafozaLafoza Posts: 28
    I did not get any aswell
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    Wait like everyone else and your rewards will come! It sometimes takes hours before they are sent ;)
  • LafozaLafoza Posts: 28
    edited June 2017
    I got my rewards already , thanks
  • I honestly doubt it. Usually they are available as soon as the rankings are calculated. It's now been 6 hours and nothing has been awarded. Its just such a grind and I put in a lot of time into the last one and I am 1900/2000 on a 3 star Bot crystal and 1800/2000 on a 4 star. Thats why I put up with the grind to place higher and fill those crystals but I do not think anything is coming as I am seeing more and more people post about it.
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    6 hours!!! the event was over less than 5 hours ago. And the rewards have been distributed now so check your messages. We already waited 10 hours once so don't be surprised, the aren't always sent right after (takes a couple of hours minimum anyway).
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