Raid difficulty up, rewards down. WAI?

This might not be a bug so feel free to ignore if it is intentional. I hadn't noticed issues that others had seen with minimal rewards from raid fights until 6/14/17. Rewards are very low for taking out bots, it was somewhere between 120-140 for 800'ishPI bots.

Additionally, I think raid defense bots may have inadvertently been slipped some amphetamines. They are all of a sudden much more difficult. For instance, chaining a heavy during a combo is usually effective as long as their heavy is a melee attack but those just do not land now. Also, the defending bot has started a combo on me multiple times while I'm in the middle of a combo myself. They didn't evade either.

It seems to make little sense to reduce the cost of alpha sparks if raid rewards go down as well, not sure that was an intended thing.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 1,694
    The reduction in the rewards for each I dividual battle was intentional.. kabam announced this would be the case. The reward for a completed raid is much higher, however.
  • Lomar4976Lomar4976 Posts: 11
    The statement in the thread discussing version 2.0 were that individual battles would have reduced rewards, you would get a higher amount of chips for winning the overall base, and you would lose less per base loss.
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 420
    The difficulty though, it's higher than normal, bots evading like crazy, just met up with a sideswipe that evaded, not range evade but back step evaded the second blast of Prowls t2 shot gun after the fist hit connected, and most bots don't use their specials until it's at 3, it's bad enough we have to deal with lethal combinations of mods and bots, but then all of a sudden they can backsetp dodge everything while backed up against a wall, heavy attacks being nerfed or whiffing 90% of the time, the rewards don't really seem worth going through all that stress.
  • AAGZ0921AAGZ0921 Posts: 153
    That's why I don't bother raiding anymore. I just do away missions and buy raid chips whenever available. I keep a full base with all my best bots to defend and use everything else for off base missions (arenas, daily, specials, story). I got tired of the frustration. If it will take me a year or two to have a fully ranked 4* then so be it.
  • GrogGrog Posts: 4
    I didn't see the announcement about individual fights going down but chips going up for defeating the base, thanks for the info.

    I feel like I'm struggling a lot more to clear bases than I was before the recent update, that's been a bit of a downer. MV1 isn't really doing it against harm accelerator nodes as much either. The change to chaining heavy attacks with combos means playing more defensive and if he's not hitting them he's not healing to counter the bleeds.

    There's obviously a way to make it work that I'm just not getting since 2.5k teams can still walk through my 6k base on a regular basis, I just haven't worked it out.
  • ZapperZapper Posts: 186
    May I ask how much medals you have and how strong the average base is you are raiding? I take on 6K bases alle the time without much problems to be honest. My raid team:
    - 4/40 Iron Hide
    - 3/30 Barricade
    - 3/30 Optimus (classic)

    I use IH to deal with harm accelerators because he can finish fights quickly. My failure rate is maybe 1%, I have raided the full 1,2k alpha shards since day one with no problem at all (average reward per raid 5-6k)
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