Should evasion abilities be able to trigger mid combo and mid special?

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Should evasion abilities be able to trigger mid combo and mid special?

Now, I can imagine arguments for both sides. I'd also like, if possible, for Kabam to confirm the intended interaction and design.

To explain the situation, currently, evasion abilities are able to trigger in the middle of not only regular combos but in the middle of multi-hit specials.

For example, Bludgeon's level 1 and level 2 special have a few melee hits and can trigger Sideswipe's melee evasion ability off any of the hits. So the first hit might land, but then hit 2 can be evaded, and because he has evaded and broken out, it also allows hit 3 to be blocked or dodged.

I'm not talking about Sideswipe specifically and how to play around and avoid this interaction from happening (because other bots have evasion abilities in different ways), but I'd like to focus on the mechanic in general of being able to do it, which seems a bit unfair. If something is unblockable and you've gone through the trouble of starting a chain, it doesn't seem right to be able to evade it.

Similarly, Soundwave's deflect range signature can trigger during sideswipe's level 2 special and cause his final (and only) missile hit in the combo (the biggest part of the attack) to bounce off and do no damage. This doesn't seem particularly fair.

Also, when evade occurs mid combo for a regular attack there's nothing you can do to stop the enemy from countering, you can't block in the middle of your attack animation so the opponent can get a free hit and start their own combo (some of the AI take full advantage of this). To avoid it you'd have to stop doing full attack combo chains and that feels a bit too restrictive as a solution.

In this way, the defender gets a huge reward for not blocking or dodging at the start of the combo and the attackers gets punished for playing the proper way of starting with a combo.

In general, it also feels like the AI gets a lot more out of using this feature against me than I get of using it against them.

I think a better way would be if evade can either only trigger during normal combos (and not mid special at all) or only trigger at the beginning of combos (and not mid combo or mid special).

How does everyone else feel about evasion triggering mid combo?


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    I'm mostly just irritated that the AI can cheat frames and go straight from shooting to a block, or straight from a dash in to a sidestep to a ranged attack before I can complete a single sidestep. I know the AI needs advantages against a human player, but letting the AI break the coded animation frames to do it seems a bit out of bounds.
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