2.0 battles low fps

TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
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Since the update every battle has had slowdown, decreased fps, freezing, stuttering.

Moving around arenas, using specials causes it.

I think an easy fix would be to turn down the background options. The draw distance is extremely far with unnecessarily high resolution and detail.

I'm using an iPhone 6 and if it can't run the game smoothly, this game has major problems and is seriously unoptimised.


  • Thanks for sharing this! I've moved it over to our Bugs section of the forums to ensure our QA team can review the information.

    If anyone else is noting a significant change with FPS, freezing, etc after the update to 2.0, please post here and include additional information that can help our team out. Helpful information includes the device you're using, OS, any specific areas in game this is happening, and any troubleshooting steps you've taken. The team continues to work to optimize gameplay for various devices, and this information is helpful in doing so! Thank you!
  • A2lex67A2lex67 Posts: 18
    I lost my first fight even if I win.. this bug make me sade !!! Do something.. i play on iphone 6
  • QliverQliver Posts: 29
    I haven't noticed any changes on iPhone 7, it actually loads faster than before. However, the game is almost unplayable on my LG G4, but it's possible that it was this way already before the update because I did not try. The graphics are way worse than on the iPhone, but the game still loads very slowly and the frame rate during fights is horrid.
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