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Hey all, it's Bumblebee again. So, through my time playing this game I've noticed how rather toxic the Global chat is/can get. Part of this is due to the frustration of players over the constant stream of roleplayers congesting the chat, which leaves barely any room for appropriate conversation(s) among players .

If you want my opinion, I don't mind the roleplaying. I actually participate myself every now and then. It's really invigorating to play the lives of your favorite Transformers characters and create original stories with them; and the best thing is that you're sharing these ideas and interactions with other people.

I know that this hasn't been done before and I can see why Kabam would dismiss such a request but I was talking with some friends over Global and the concept of having a separate tab for roleplayers was fairly popular. It was definitely a great way to kill the time as you wait for your energy to replenish. I think this would create a wonderful way for new players to make friends as Global it's hard enough to get even an individual's attention. I try to greet anyone I can, because here we're a community and a community needs someone like that.

I've already considered that there maybe some predicaments with other players spamming/exploiting the privileges of another social tab (along with the fact that Kabam has enough up their plate), but there is no hurt in trying ;).

Just wanted to put that out there. Thanks everyone! :)


  • SmirkyDrewSmirkyDrew Posts: 66
    Not a bad idea.
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 144
    It's doable, would need some careful planning and implementation, but I think it might be fun
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 45
    Really annoying roleplayers spamming in global, it's actually a good idea to seperate them to another room. Kabam needs to know about the roleplayers and do something about them
    I really appreciate your idea about seperated chat rooms for the non-roleplayers to feel more comfortable
  • BumblebeeBumblebee Posts: 53
    The feedback is much appreciated everyone! I'm hoping the thought is at least being discussed/facilitated throughout the team!
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 45
    The roleplayers just stopped roleplaying, they're probably mad at each other I think, or their roleplaying leader got 3 of his accounts banned maybe
  • NeoNeo Posts: 6
    Really annoying.
  • w8stedw8sted Posts: 5
    They should get their own chat room to role play. It does get cause a lot traffic on Global Chat. I don't think that they should be banned over it , since that not really violating any rules or abusing others.
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