Kabam can you list the phones that have the best graphics for Transformers forged to fight so when I get my next phone ik which one to chose


  • Hey Prime7767!
    Here is a list of the devices: CLICK HERE
    Hope this helps :smiley:
  • Oops! Here's a better link for you! If you're viewing on a computer browser this will work better:
    Unsupported Devices List.

    You can also get to this on your mobile device from in the game by tapping on the Gear-shaped icon in the top left corner of your base screen, and then on the support button. From here you can search for "device" to view the details.
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    Just to be clear, what he is asking for is what devices other than iPhone use some of the higher level graphic features like bloom and lighting effects.

    There was another post somewhere where a mod indicated it was not OS specific, but device specific, and that faster devices would take advantage of improved graphics, but I have found this to not be the case.

    I have tested the game on some of the fastest Android devices, including S8 and some other overclocked Android devices that definitely have higher clock speeds and post better benchmarks than iOS, but they still get the dumbed down graphics.

    Would really be nice if we could just have toggles to turn on certain effects. If we want to see effects at the cost of performance degradation it seems that should be our own option. I completely get why they aren't on by default, but it is unfair to be dragged down by all the crappy Android devices just because they are on the same platform as my perfectly capable device.
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    you write a lot tekknicole
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