players should play and not moderate

its much better to have people who work for the game to respond to questions . players your job is to play the game not give bad information you think is right on forums because you play the game for long time. if you want to be moderator so bad go work for company kabam. until then close mouth. only good information is from people with kabam in his name.


  • Well, this isn't entirely the case. Forums are a place for open conversations. It's not just for players to speak to us (the game team), but also to speak to each other and to help each other out. There is a wealth of knowledge to be discovered in your fellow players, so don't be afraid to take their advice or listen to each others opinions :smile:
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    the knowledge by some is not good . if game not working fine i want people who work for game to tell me why it no working. not player who thinks they know why game not working.
  • KeymasterKeymaster Posts: 16
    if internect connection no working i call internet company. i dont call my friend and say why isnt my internet connection working.
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    somebody can write lots messages here but doesnt mean they are experienced in problems and know what they talk about.
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    If you don't want other people's advice, why don't you just ignore them? It isn't that hard.

    Your internet parallel is a poor example... in most cases that you solicit advice on the forums, it is because you are looking for confirmation from others that they are experiencing the same problem. So for your internet example, you might ask a friend with the same service in your area is their internet is down as well, thereby putting you in a more knowledgable position, or you might go on the forums for your ISP and ask other users if their internet is down in an area where there is not yet a reported outage.

    Or you could just call your ISP, same as you can open a ticket with Kabam. It's your own doing; you can't get too upset if you post a question on forums and other forum users respond to you.
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    Well, one thing moderators should do is stomp down on obvious trolls...
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