Windblade's Signature Ability Not Scaling [Confirmed Bug. Fix in Progress]

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Hello, all. I'm hopeful someone from Kabam can answer this question. Does Windblade's signature ability change as you duplicate her? There is no difference in the wording, whether she's signature level 5, or level 100. Is there some hidden maths at work, or is there no value to raising her signature level beyond 5?

If there is some maths involved, is it possible to reveal it in the description, just as it's done with all of the other bots and mods?

Thank you.


  • Heyo!

    I just confirmed with the team that this is a bug. The Orange Percentage value should scale as you gain more levels. We're working on a fix for this right now.
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    @Kabam Miike what about Soundwaves heavy shock damage not happening and Grindors crit missile burn? Why are they not being confirmed? Reported and discussed many times with no response weeks ago.

    Multiple community members confirmed both issues but no Kabam confirmation of a fix.
  • NutjobNutjob Posts: 23
    Hello, Mike. Thank you kindly for answering my question.

    I appreciate the official response.
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