Will this get me 4 star?



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    This has turned into a capture the flag game.

    I find that totally offensive flagging right now check your privilege please.

    (this is a joke you get no flags have a temmie)

    I got that reference.

    Which one, privilege checking or the temmie?

    Privilege-checking my B

    It’s a must to check your privilege, you’ll trigger people so no jokes no being happy we must be serious and sensitive little babies, also that hurt my feelings flagging you

    (chill chill it’s just a joke again, watch how this gets flagged thou, may jokes and banter forever rest in piece)

    Moving back on to the topic, grinding for 4* shards really is the best way to get a 4* so wether it’s raids, arenas or special events it’s a must to work hard on them but it really depends on how far you are into the game, I got my first 4* at level 39 from a featured crystal then 2nd from another featured crystal then at level 40 I got my first 4* crystal. They aren’t easy to get but definitely worth the grind.
    Flagging people based on feelings are bad and is happening too often here, think about it, if 5 snowflakes gets offended(there always is on every topic), 5 flags goes to a person and comments gets removed.
    Add a 1 flag per user per day limit or something lol this is poor design/.

    Just make a flag option for “that hurt my feelings, I’m a sensitive little baby” and that doesn’t do anything to the comment lol
  • Opening one at a time or opening them all at once have the same results. It's up to the user if you'd like the satisfaction of opening 1 or 10! Since this thread has gone off topic though, I’m closing it down now. I wish you lucky spins!
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