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  • I haven't tested it with 3* Bonecrusher, but 3* Megatron and 4* Bonecrusher produces 0 stuns if it helps the data. Was told that they're investigating as of roughly a week ago, but that's all I know
  • It's too expensive for me, but considering I have yet to collect enough shards for a 4* crystal after five months the free crystal would have some value. Then again, if I were willing to drop $100 all at once on the game then I'm probably going to…
  • MichaelMaCleod wrote: » Seems to me the easiest solution is to have one section with all the shards/crystals you get from dailies/events/giveaways what have you and the second section dedicated to buying stuff with energon. This way you avoid acci…
  • I agree that the new display isn't an improvement, but the thread's other point stands. Legally they've done nothing wrong here. They are simply displaying energon owned/energon required, there's nothing in any way misleading about that. You're clea…
  • Hired_Goon is exactly right. Does the UI need a rework? Probably. Is it Kabam's fault that people are forgetting which tab they're on and spending energon (which you still have to click twice to do)? Not a chance.
  • Just went through a raid to test it, can confirm it's just a visual bug
  • Umm this isn't illegal. At all. The crystal screen displays energon possessed/energon needed, that's it. It's up to the player to pay attention, you still have to click twice to actually buy anything and it won't automatically spend your real money …
  • My experience has been pretty smooth. Caught two bugs, reported them, waited a few days and got a response, they got fixed in the next big patch. Just gotta be patient, the game is running a little smoother every day.
  • Really happy with more access to T1A and other changes, looking forward to fighting Ramjet, can't wait for tomorrow!
  • Thanks! It's not a big thing, I get more use out of the Barricade synergy honestly, but it's still nice to have someone investigating
  • It hit me at streak 25. I had a Grindor that played like a Spetznaz ballerina with hammers for arms and a precognitive ability, ignored Megatron's heavy by dashing through it twice. Followed up by a Windblade who was literally unhittable. She litera…
  • I agree that global isn't worth the hate. That's why I disabled it thirty seconds after starting the game and used this forum to find an alliance. Multiple rooms would help, I think, but I don't see the problem going away
  • AAGZ0921 wrote: » Nick_80 wrote: » @AAGZ0921 they really have no reason to nerf grindor lol. He's a pretty underused boy. I know right? He is such a badass. I always count on him to whoop anyone's ass. Back at launch I didn't l…
  • Shadowind_Prime13 wrote: » I mean the minimum bots you need to bring you the top milestone rewards All of them, plus some energon and a bunch of caffeine pills. In all seriousness though, 15-18 bots oughta do it. I haven't done it yet, but…
  • Classic Megatron or Galvatron Any version of Jazz Roadbuster Hound Perceptor
  • I wouldn't want to nerf evade too much, yeah it's annoying when the AI does it but it's also the only thing that keeps Bumbles playable. Take that away, and with the AI still avoiding heavies (Not as bad, but still there esp with freaking Grindor) h…
  • CandKane wrote: » I'm excited to see one of the coneheads as a boss of the spotlight mission. Looks to be Skywarp's colors, which is amazing, but I thought only Thundercracker was in the code right now ...and I'm an idiot, that's obviously …
  • Does Logic crystal have every prior not in it like Grimlock, Prowl, etc? Saving my energon for a possible 10x bundle
  • I'm confused as to why my post got removed, while STORMZZ is being far more crass yet is being allowed to stay. At least I stayed more or less on topic
  • I'm excited to see one of the coneheads as a boss of the spotlight mission. Looks to be Skywarp's colors, which is amazing, but I thought only Thundercracker was in the code right now
  • Opened 10 PBCs, got zip
  • I care about 2* bots, I use them in arena and it's generally easier to "complete" the roster if you count 2*s...i still need Prowl dang it! Admittedly we're nitpicking a little, but the announcement DID specify "all crystals" and plus this is the I…
  • I'm sure this has been answered at some point, but has anyone noticed if keeping Line open at the same time has any effect on heat build up?
  • Don't really care about the 1*, but I opened ten PBC's fully expecting to see some new 2* for arena. Check your press release guy, Kabam, "all crystals" still means "ALL CRYSTALS" INCLUDING 2* and daily reward crystal
  • Terminal wrote: » Something still needs to be done about this. It's unhealthy for the game and meta to have mv1, or now grimlock with sig as a requirement to avoid this problem. They were pretty quick to nerf motormaster's unstoppable and ratch…
  • I'm in a similar situation, old phone died and it took me two days to get it replaced, need just 500 shards for a Shockwave crystal.
  • KillMasterC wrote: » Humpyhampster wrote: » How many medals do I need to buy the fifth piece of alpha es for 7K? No, it isn't about medals. It's just displayed as 7K if the limit isn't 4, but for the moment, the limit is 4. So you can n…
  • 1100 medals should be the cutoff for purchasing all alphas, but it's been awhile since the change so I could have forgotten
  • I dunno what to tell you guys except keep playing or don't. It's not a hardware/firmware issue or all phones of a certain model would do it. It's not a software issue or every device running version X.XX would do it. It's COULD be a network issue, o…
  • I tend to forge all of my 1* bots as soon as possible, but I don't go hardcore on arena so there's that.