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  • Darm0k wrote: » Wolfmills wrote: » We are i desparate need of an autbot demo from the g1 universe that would have synergy with og, grim, prowl and um maybe another dinobot? I was thinking about that, but maybe not have synergy with Prim…
  • We are i desparate need of an autbot demo from the g1 universe that would have synergy with og, grim, prowl and um maybe another dinobot?
  • 4* bee is so long overdue its ridiculous at this point.... as are another movie tactician and tech, we seem to get warriors from the movieverse and they have all been autobots.... maybe another decepticon warrior
  • I just checked all my r2 5* show the same amount of gold regardless where they are on my base
  • Anybody seeing any daily items in the raid store today? I have refreshed a few times and nothing....
  • Almost 2 hours and still nothing
  • Is it really worth 500 or 1000 gold to sell a t3b or t2a? To me no, it might be worth it if we were to get 25,000 gold per t3b and 35-50,000 gold for a t2a but again leveling your bots in perparation to forge them sounds liek a better use of the res…
  • Better question is when did firing a special attack start stopping all bleed, shock, and burn debuffs? Usually at 1% health
  • Here is a simple solution to the overflowing inventories of t3b and t2a... yoir 4* will eventually become forge fodder for 5* just like the 3* did once everyone was able to rank up the 4*, so if you have overflowing inventory of resources, you obvio…
  • If you are really good at the ranged game, go with wasp, if not go with ih, even not duped ih still does plenty of damage just not like he does with a hig sig kevel
  • How about just lifting the time limit on any of it.... what is the point of running missions and collecting sparks if theyre just going to expire..... i have sold so much ore and so many t1 sparks that were about to expire its ridiculous.... if not …
  • Mm is an absolute monster and will shred through almost any bot with ease.... he was actually my first 4* and first to r3 but grimlock actually took the first r4/5 brawler..... grim is like mm and ih had a baby and gave him purification!!!!
  • While we are at it bow about some more ways to get t2 mod sparks..... been over a year and we have had one!!!
  • Sabugen wrote: » if your mv1 never goes under 50% you are doing content that is too easy I prefer grim and mm to mv1, as i said mv1 is just an arena champ, i put him back in the box and dont really ever use him unless i am running arenas or…
  • If you fire an sp and it is going to ko the opponent i have noticed all buffs become inactive as soon as you fire it.... youre actually better off with certain bots not finishing the opponent off with an sp that would heal them but leaving a little …
  • Wow that is about not worth it...
  • How about just a way to get out of being stuck in a combo..... like an evade working or being able to block between hits, ai does it so why cant we?
  • Bc causes bleed anytime his rake comes over his head and hits thebopponent or when the opponent hits him.... as a general rule anyway.... Primals heavy technically is a physical attack because it is physically lifting the ground up to hit the opp…
  • Gunz0 wrote: » There’s a bug with Ramjet’s SP2 that has NOT been fixed since he was released. Watch the clip above Watched the clip, megs actually evaded the first hit of ramjet’s sp2 and blocked the rest, where is the bug?
    in Ramjet Comment by Wolfmills June 13
  • I dont think i have ever even seen on, what is it supposed to do? I just want something to use this t2 utility spark i have rusting away in my inventory
  • Have never pulled it in any tier and dont even see if when you spin a mod crystal but it is always the first picture on the preview of top prizes in the premium mod crystal
  • Forging a 4* shark gives 4* shark shards, a sig level 15 r3 gives enough 4* shards for one 4* shark crystal
  • Mv1 sig is brutual when used correctly, though i do so like it when he gets his sig and i smash him with um or og sp and break right through it....or bleed him through it. Mv1 has always been awkward to me to play with, so he is an arena champ, and…
  • Ok he purifies it, but he doesnt heal from it and only when he heavies....
  • Overall i think this month has been the most finely tuned spotlight to date as far as balancing the bosses, the final boss, for me, has been the hardest.... as it should be!
  • I have found the best bot for me to use against og megs is og prime.....i can actually string a combo together and then hit a heavy and come back up and start smashing megs with another combo after countering his heavy with either a mdium attack or …
  • Looks kinda like the CSI transformations in Age of extinction!
  • SparkShredder wrote: » Wolfmills wrote: » Opinions are what make the world go round.... bee definitely still has a place in this game, armor path may not be the best but tact bee is defintely still a viable character in this game! Biggest thin…
  • Wonder how long before this one gets shut down? And told to post in the character suggestion thread