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  • JurassicPark10 wrote: » @XhibitA Lol, there should be a limited time when chat banned I absolutely agree.
  • Trailfire wrote: » It would be great if there was a toggle that alliance leaders can activate to indicate they’re currently looking for recruits So much of global chat is recruitment spamming, and while there are other chat rooms here and in th…
  • JurassicPark10 wrote: » @Kabam Miike so if you were perma chat banned, which I was not, you could maybe get unchatbanned because my friend got chat banned because he was trying to say a word, which I believe was “get” and now we can’t talk. And if…
  • Anyways that's my semi annual rant... Thanks for chiming in @Kabam Miike
  • Kabam Miike wrote: » Hey Guys, So, we're aware of the spammers and are working on getting them out of Global for good, but there's only so much that our system can catch before we have to update it, and we're always working on improving our fil…
  • There really should be a more thought out and fair process for chat banning. I get banning people for spamming or what have you that violates the TOS but permanently banning someone from chat for doing nothing like the dude in the image above is rid…
  • Disregard, it's launching now...must of had to soak in the Oreo goodness first.
  • Took a few reboots but it launched finally.
  • I have the same issue after just installing 8.1.0
  • I feel that having to start an AM at 8:00am EST is just flat out rude. If I didn't work from home this would be a huge problem for us. It still is a huge problem for anyone who works days, goes to school etc. Also having to wake up early on the week…
  • The link I posted above your reply Trailfire is a link to the 411 TFTF lobby...
  • This link is no longer valid. If you interested in joining a Line community please use the following link. http://line.me/ti/g/mICNnGF_yF