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  • Re: No exclusives given during "special" crystals and constant duplicates

    rawr wrote: »
    i pulled a 3* soundwave from the samurai crystal..
    someone please explain that

    The samurai crystal is listed as being the only crystal to give you a chance at EVERY bot, including Prowl, Ultra Magnus, and Soundwave.
  • Re: No exclusives given during "special" crystals and constant duplicates

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    Not a scam in any way, shape, or form. It's called gacha (Japanese onomotopia for a slot machine handle I think) and it's been more or less unchanged for years. The bot drops are random because that's how the system is designed, and it clearly tells you that on each crystal. Blind bag draws are also gacha systems, although they're physical items and there's no way to grind for free ones.
  • Re: Alpha Essence Mission

    And fix the notifications! Using a Samsung S6 Active, Android 7.0, and I got a popup message for days 3, 4, and 5 of the event. And that's it.
  • Re: add more arena crystal

    I like the arena crystals, best way to get gold and you'll need it once you start hitting rank 3 with bots. An arena exclusive in the vein of the Punished from mcoc would be nice though, and Grimlock would be a good fit.
  • Re: Permanent characters

    The arena rewards bots will be permanent additions to the game in a few months, you basically pay to get them before everyone else. Eventually they get added to the PBC