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  • Re: Deceptive crystal sales

    I agree that the new display isn't an improvement, but the thread's other point stands. Legally they've done nothing wrong here. They are simply displaying energon owned/energon required, there's nothing in any way misleading about that. You're clearly not on the shards tab, so the only way you can accidentally spend energon is by not paying attention...which consumer protection laws (at least in most of the industrialized world) explicitly won't protect you from.
  • Re: Deceptive crystal sales

    Umm this isn't illegal. At all. The crystal screen displays energon possessed/energon needed, that's it. It's up to the player to pay attention, you still have to click twice to actually buy anything and it won't automatically spend your real money if you don't have the energon.
    Now, it may not be the greatest UI design, and I'm sure they'll look at it in the future, but there's no legal challenge here, and raids/AM not working absolutely has to be the priority right now.
  • Re: Arena AI on Crack

    It hit me at streak 25. I had a Grindor that played like a Spetznaz ballerina with hammers for arms and a precognitive ability, ignored Megatron's heavy by dashing through it twice. Followed up by a Windblade who was literally unhittable. She literally left purple afterimages when she dashed backwards in ONE FRAME through every attack Drift threw at her, then punished him with a five hit combo. I throw an S3 and almost win, then she tosses out an S1 that has a second hit reaching TO THE RANGE OF PROWL'S S2.
    Way to go Kabam, got me thinking I finally could get these infinite streaks I keep hearing about. Nope, thank you for playing, please try again
  • Re: Kabam, provide more realistic avenues to grind sparks

    We want it plenty, we just have jobs, families, and other adult responsibilities that put alphas currently out of our reach. A monthly event with one easily obtainable alpha would be wonderful and it wouldn't take away from raids since there's only one per month. Or do what mcoc did and make them rewards on a monthly calendar
  • Re: Tier 1 Mission Crystal? Anybody Can Answer Me?...

    Yeah I've had 1900 of those shards sitting there taunting me for months, wish they would just convert it to gold and be done with it