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  • Re: Kabam u should add Minicons it would be Awesome

    I could see it working, maybe assign each bot on your team a Minicon, like a mod they can take for a mission or something.
  • Re: Wich is the best Kabam game, in your opinion?

    I would hazard that the switch from 2d to 3d has made them almost like apples and oranges. Very different mechanics, although having gotten in at the ground floor I'm enjoying FtF more.
  • Re: Unfair crystals

    Honestly, Injustice 2 needs that safety net to make up for horrendous gameplay that isn't fit to share a hard drive with Kabam software.
    I do kinda wish Kabam would at least publish drop rates though. I don't care if they're terrible, I would just like to know.
  • Re: I hate raids now

    Give the 2* a limit of three, keep the impossible 3* if you want, and please please please #BringBackFeaturedCrystalsOnRaidStore
  • Re: Raid AI difficulty scaling with medals?

    @Qliver The AI can do things humans can't, this is easily observed at high PI levels. No matter your reaction time, the AI can draw and fire their ranged blaster into a sidestep-dashing bot, rendering your counter useless. If the AI returns the favor, you will be getting punched before your blaster clears the holster. The AI can dash into a block, can attack without lag after heavies, and other general nonsense that basically serves to ensure you buy repair/revive kits.
    Playing cautiously and recognizing AI patterns will go a long way to minimize the damage, but occasionally the game will simply decide that you're going to take damage.