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  • Re: Deceptive crystal sales

    Hired_Goon is exactly right. Does the UI need a rework? Probably. Is it Kabam's fault that people are forgetting which tab they're on and spending energon (which you still have to click twice to do)? Not a chance.
  • Re: Missed a day on both the King and Logic crystal cards.

    I'm in a similar situation, old phone died and it took me two days to get it replaced, need just 500 shards for a Shockwave crystal.
  • Re: Shockwave thoughts

    Just want to throw something in here... Shockwave actually has possibly the most powerful set of Synergies, but you have to look for the incoming Synergies... The ones that OTHER bots give him!

    I hadn't really examined that, thanks Mike!
  • Re: Ideas to Base Improvement

    You should also add the option to purchase more Nodes with Energon, so that Commanders could improve their Base Defense. With only 7 Nodes, Raid Attacks are too much easy... (Plus, from these 7 Nodes, only 5 are walked by the attacking Commander).

    I would go more for relic slots than defense nodes. Raids would instantly become P2W and Alphas would basically go back behind a paywall. Relics would be nice, especially once we start getting fifteen or twenty different ones
  • Re: Wich YOU think is the best way to open Crystals?

    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Praise Kabam, Primus and Michael Bay before you open the crystals
    If you get a good stuff, sing 'The Touch' to keep your luck
    If you get a bad stuff, GET KABAMED, plays a sad Transformers music

    I would recommend "Death of Optimus Prime" from the same album. Really captures that feeling of "all my hard work just crashed and burned in a 2* shaped crater"