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  • Re: Forge XP Idea (sharkticons)

    I like this idea. Restrict forgeable sharkticons to the matching class of the bot to be forged, maybe other restrictions so that they don't become broken, but this way we can forge bots without sacrificing a high Sig 2* that we've had since launch.
  • Re: Upcoming Changes to Raids and Raid Store

    I really wish you hadn't removed the Standard Mod Crystal, but everything else sounds good. Next up: fix Harm Accelerators.
  • Re: Roleplaying Communications Tab

    It's doable, would need some careful planning and implementation, but I think it might be fun
  • Re: Poll: I enjoy the game more after the increase in AI difficulty

    Can I change my vote? Hadn't noticed much of a difference, been playing story missions, but I started up a raid, got a Mixmaster that I'm pretty sure was piloted by an actual human. It was about equal with my team (800ish PI) and it KO'd two bots, dodged seven heavies in a row (I counted) and generally held up a sign saying "I'm the computer, I know what buttons you're pressing, and I've already decided who wins this fight".
    This is why I call people who claim to beat Legends of Cybertron as hackers, liars, or so rich that they know Trump from work.
  • Re: Harm Accelerators:Painful

    Grindor sitting on one is a nightmare. The passive bleed is damaging you just as much as you're damaging him without the AI lifting a finger. Finally gave up and started leveling MV1, but this isn't good game design.
    It's not that HA is a painful mod, even. It's that it is hands-down the BEST mod, to the point that people avoid using other mods just to cram more accelerators into their base. Making it worse is that only one bot can (partially) counter the mod, every other bot will lose 60-80% of their health on a perfect run against a same level opponent.
    Other than this abomination however, I really do enjoy the other mods. Powerful yes, but without being unfair and plenty of ways to fight around them.