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  • Re: My personal review of Sanctum map

    I freely admit I'm not a hardcore player or anything, but I play daily, hit 10-12% on most arenas, and have a handful of decent 4* bots to take on AM. My alliance tried out the new map at level 1, which (supposedly) translates to diff 40 in SL which is just a bit above what we've been running.
    We got steamrolled.
    Part of that was due to bugs, yes. I ran into the infamous Rhinox and lost Grindor to a level of shock damage that makes the Green Mile look cozy. But most of it was due to bot/mod combos that strip out all of your options but "rush headlong into the fray and hope you get lucky". It was fun in its own way, I suppose, but it felt like i was all on my own running the Prime Challenge with half a team instead of battling alongside my alliance.
    I'm a little frustrated, but at least we've got breathing room to keep advancing on map 2, not sure how I'd feel if I was already running diff 100.
  • Re: 1v1s

    A duel option would be much appreciated. @Manthro would be all the training I need to master expert mode.
  • Re: Exchanging Dinobot chips

    I agree with Terminal, a 1:1 gold exchange is just a bit insulting. Make a 200:1 4* shards exchange, then you're honoring the work/value of the feature chips.
  • Re: Megatron chips question.

    Here's an excellent thread for all your feature bot chip questions:
  • Re: Megatron chips question.

    The spotlight missions last all month, and you will only be able to get the rewards from 1st completion and 100% completion once each. If you can only do 1 and 2 that's okay, just do what you can and enjoy the short story.
    For other routes to 10k chips, arena raids and alliance mission all give out chips at various times. If anybody reads this and I mess up, please correct me, but as best I can recall it goes something like this:
    Week 1 (now) Spotlight Missions are about it, although opening crystals have begun awarding Megatron chips for duping bots.
    Week 2 (next week) Megatron Bounty Arena: use whatever bots you have to hit milestones and climb to a decent rank, both of which award Megatron chips.
    Week 3 (The week after that) Raids! Each successful raid awards Megatron chips that scale with your raid medal count. I'm not sure the full range, but there's a thread around here with a guide. Feature bots chips are separate from raid chips and CANNOT be stolen, so raid to your heart's content!
    Week 4 (CHRISTMAS!!!!) We're back to Bounty Arena, and it hasn't changed. Use all of your bots in one last push for Chips!
    You'll notice I didn't put Alliance Missions on the schedule, and that's because I have no idea which week they award chips.
    Anyways, that's the basics on getting Megatron this month. Have fun and ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON!