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  • Re: Raid AI difficulty scaling with medals?

    @Qliver The AI can do things humans can't, this is easily observed at high PI levels. No matter your reaction time, the AI can draw and fire their ranged blaster into a sidestep-dashing bot, rendering your counter useless. If the AI returns the favor, you will be getting punched before your blaster clears the holster. The AI can dash into a block, can attack without lag after heavies, and other general nonsense that basically serves to ensure you buy repair/revive kits.
    Playing cautiously and recognizing AI patterns will go a long way to minimize the damage, but occasionally the game will simply decide that you're going to take damage.
  • Re: Just Come And Chat

    nomisu wrote: »
    bonecrusher. because pure hate wins lol
    that said , just go with your fav. i do not have have ultra moustac.. i mean magnus but i heard he is kinda meh

    edit: i have prowl but almost never use him since i use windblade ( aka queen of bleed ) , and recently barricade (due to synergy with Megs)

    Yeah Windblade is pretty amazing, but Prowl is my only 4* scout, plus I'm a sucker for that boomstick S2. Ultra Magnus isn't very flashy gameplay-wise, but his synergies turn my whole team into Terminators and he tears Motormaster to itty-bitty pieces. You're right though, Pure Hate plus a heavy/special make Bonecrusher a very scary individual.
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    Haha the Porkticons!
    Who should I get to r3 4*: Ultra Magnus, Prowl, or Bonecrusher (dupedx1)? Leaning towards Prowl, but not sure
  • Re: Selling T1As for T2A Essence?

    That would be nice. We can sell t2b for t3b pieces, we should be able to do the same with alphas.
  • Re: Game Idea's

    The trading idea is a no go, as shown in a few threads from over the summer, but I've got a 3* MV1 I'd gladly trade for a 3*...well, anything but Wasp or Hot Rod honestly.
    What interests me is survival mode, there's a lot of ways that could be implemented to be REALLY fun. Pick one bot, then two "support" bots that wouldnt fight but could lend your fighter synergy. Add in a boss-type character with a mod every five bots or something for extra fun.