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  • Re: Premium mod crystal broken?

    The odds of this happening are roughly 1/10^13. That means one out of ten trillion, and it's actually a little worse since I'm only counting 2 star mods in that. Possible, but so unlikely that I doubt anyone else will ever experience this again if we all played for the next millenium.
  • Re: Alpha mission

    However they schedule it, I would simply like some sort of notification. And please don't launch it at 2 AM, because that would suck
  • Re: Alpha mission

    Toughnut wrote: »
    So I'll just help out based on what I know.

    It starts 12:00 PM Central time.

    All I know :(

    I live in Central time zone and was playing on lunch, never saw it. Is it random by individual device? Would explain why a few people got it a day early
  • Re: Alpha mission

    I never got any sort of notification, I'm a little miffed about that.
  • Re: Alpha mission

    Amano wrote: »
    We complain about how there is no free ways to get alphas.... they give us one. What do we do? Complain

    Our complaint, dear Amana, is the lack of promised notifications as to when the 1 HOUR event is starting, thus depriving all of us of the chance to earn 1% of an alpha per run-through (which will take 3/4ths of a max level players mission energy btw). It's meant to be hard to get alphas, I get it, but the event is not working as intended and it's freezing out those of us who can't walk around with our nose in our phone or blow our kid's college fund on crystals.